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Rethinking the Traditional Cartridge Boxes: Custom Packaging for Your Businesses


Custom packaging boxes are a rapidly growing trend in the packaging industry. With vape cartridge packaging boxes and custom boxes. Businesses of all sizes can get their hands on beautifully design packages. That will help them stand out from competitors.

Custom packaging is also more affordable than you might think- so don’t wait! Read this blog to learn more about custom vape cartridge packaging boxes. And how they could be perfect for your business needs!

The vape cartridge packaging box industry has been booming in recent years. With vape cartridges becoming more and more popular among consumers, vape cartridge boxes are also seeing a rise in demand. The vape industry is now coming up with innovative ways to package vape cartridges. So that they can be easily transport and stored.

Steps to Design the Custom Vape Cartridge Box

  • Check your vape size for the box.

Before you get custom vape cartridge boxes, make sure to check the size of your vape cartridges. You don’t want a box that is too small or too big for your vape cartridges. Because then it will be useless!

Nowadays, there are many online software companies that offer free design tools where business owners can customize their own vape packaging designs based on their preferences.

This way, they can create unique vape packaging boxes which perfectly suit the look and feel of their brand identity. There are nice templates for you to use. You can print them out onto paper. And then, our program will let you print your artwork on the template.

  • Check the Accessories that come with the vape box.

There are vape cartridge boxes that come with a built-in dab tool. If you’re looking for these types of vape packaging boxes, then be sure to check the accessories included because there may not be any, or if there is one, it will probably happen to be flimsy and cheap.

These vape pen boxes can’t even hold up your vape cartridges inside well, so imagine how durable they’ll turn out to be! That’s why I advise business owners who want custom vape packaging boxes to only buy those which have sturdy built-in dab tools.

  • Select the quality of materials wisely.

Aside from the vape cartridge boxes that have built-in dab tools, I also advise business owners who are looking for custom vape packaging to select only those with high-quality materials.

If you buy a vape box made out of low-quality material, it may not even be able to fit your cartridges in because they’ll stretch them and ruin their shape! That’s why I suggest buying vape pen boxes that were manufacture using premium or durable materials.

  • Do some research before buying.

Lastly, do some thorough research before you make any purchase decisions because there are actually tons of companies out there selling cheap vape packaging products.

If these businesses sell at lower prices than yours, then don’t immediately assume that their vape cartons will give you great value for money.

You want to keep your vape cartridge safe. It’s important to use the best quality materials. There are many designs for vape cartridges boxes – from simple cardboard or thick plastic outside with an inner sleeve for wrapping up a CBD oil pen-style box, all the way to something as elaborate looking like jewelry cases!

There are even designer customize gift boxes available on our website if someone is buying multiple meds at once (or just wants one really nice)

  • Use Rigid material for Retail Shipping purposes

The rigid material provides support to your vape so that it doesn’t get damage. Usually 32pt or more is used for these kinds of packaging. Because the thicker they are and higher quality in general-the less likely you’ll need a sleeve like this one!

For vape packaging you want to ensure the vape cartridges and pen-style boxes are wrapped in a bubble. Or Foam during transport so that they don’t break!

Use an Indestructible Material for Retail Packaging: One big drawback of a traditional cartridge box is its ability to protect your vape. This tubular design vape case solves this problem as it’s made out of thick plastic outside with an inner sleeve for wrapping up a CBD oil pen-style box, all the way to something as elaborate looking as jewelry cases!

There are even designer customized gift boxes available on our website if someone is buying multiple meds at once (or just wants one really nice). For vape packaging, you want to ensure the vape cartridges and pen-style boxes are wrapped.

  • Custom Kraft Material

The vape cartridge packaging case boxes can be custom made out of kraft material, which is a brown paperboard. With the matte finish and natural texture, it looks like you’re getting something handmade – even if it’s far from homemade!

This type of vape packaging design gives off a rustic look that’s very popular right now. You’ll also note how this vape box has an open face for easy access to your cartridges or pens (or whatever else you want).

Custom Printed Material for Retail Packages: Now, what about smaller businesses that sell CBD oil? Well, we have simple but elegant options available too in our online store with custom vape boxes where there are no lids, so you can easily slip the product inside.

Cardboard is a common material for the packaging of food items. It’s not only easy to find, but it can be transformed into any shape required by by-products and consumers alike!

Design the Box Uniquely

When it comes to vape cartridge boxes, they’re no different! While you can use a traditional vape box design for your business, what do you have to gain with custom vape packaging?

What is the purpose of these vape cartridges, and why would I want one? First off, let’s talk about CBD oil. It has been proven as an effective treatment for relieving pain from chronic illnesses such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Why Custom Boxes are a better option as compared to traditional ones?

However, custom boxes are better as compared to traditional vape packaging because of several reasons. Custom vape cartridges can be designed specifically for your product according to the preferences and requirements of your company.

What will a custom vape cartridge look like?

Depending on what you want, there is no limit to what kind of shape or design that you could have on these vape cartridges! From diamond-shaped designs, honeycomb patterns, etc., anything goes when it comes to designing a box that suits your business needs best!


If you are looking for a new way to package your vape cartridges, custom eco-friendly packaging might be the solution. Whether you need a smaller box or want to create an eye-catching display, we have options that will work with any budget and style preferences.

To learn more about our selection of boxes and other products, contact us today! We’re ready to help take your business from good to great by providing solutions that fit both your needs as well as those of consumers who purchase from you.

The best part? You can talk directly with one of our team members so they can guide you through selecting the perfect product for your company’s needs. Let’s get started on what could potentially become a mutually beneficial partnership between two companies in no time!

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