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Showtime Anytime TV – Follow Easy Steps To


Showtime Anytime is a streaming on-demand platform that allows users to discover an endless variety of entertainment content. The videos are all accessible in standard and high-definition modes. The collection includes all comedy and sports show Documentaries, feature films as well as another original programming. It initially was only available through the IOS App Store and later made available on Android devices. Subscribers are able to watch all of the award-winning Showtime shows without commercials. Imagine streaming your preferred documentary, adventure, or comedy film with your friends on a weekend night with the Smart TV; well doesn’t it feel being wholesome?

Today, you can enable Showtime Anytime on the Smart TV using these easy instructions:

  1. Then, look for the application on the App Store Available on your smart TV. Then, download it.
  2. Once the installation process has been completed, click on the launch button.
  3. Navigate into the Settings menu, and click it to turn on the option.
  4. A code for activation will appear in the display of your Smart TV.
  5. Log on to the web page from your smartphone or computer.
  6. The activation number that was previously visible on your Smart television and then press submit.
  7. It will refresh automatically the TV’s display. It will allow you to sign in to the ‘Showtime Anytime’ application using an account username/password given to you by your TV service provider or your streaming account.

Why Choose Showtime Anytime?

  • It is possible to download the movie you would like to view in the offline format as well. Avoid the cost of data from watching the video repeatedly.
  • There is a choice for each account holder to create my list. It will assist users to organize their favorite programs.
  • Subscribers can also take advantage of live TV, they can change between any channel of Showtime East as well as Showtime West.’
  • It also comes with the function of the picture-in-picture mode.
  • It is very easy to use parental control that allows users are able to access it effortlessly.

A list of the devices that can support the app ‘Showtime Anytime’ are as below:

  • Roku Devices- Roku 3, Roku TV, Roku stick, Roku stick plus, Roku express, etc.
  • Samsung Smart TV LG Smart TV and many other Android TVs
  • Android tablets and smartphones operating system Android 5 and its latest versions
  • Apple TV, iPhone 6 (and the more recent versions that run IOS 9)
  • 3rd-generation IPad and newer versions running OS iOS 9 or higher.
  • Xbox One
  • Amazon Kindle fire tablet 7 and its more recent versions
  • Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV stick, Fire TV edition television which runs on Android 5 and the latest versions
  • Google Chromecast

Subscription Fees

Monthly fees for Showtime Anytime include $10.99 for each month whereas the annual fee is 99 dollars.

You can also take advantage of a month’s free trial prior to purchasing an annual subscription.

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