Thursday, December 1, 2022

Signs Your Truck Requires Transmission Repairs


Compared to other mechanical components, your truck’s transmission undergoes more stress, beating, and wear during its lifetime. With time, your vehicle’s transmission system might display some issues. We recommend immediately scheduling an appointment with a skilled and reliable technician to address and resolve the problems.

We bring you the top four signs that your truck requires transmission repairs in Houston, TX.

  1. Transmission Fluid Leakage

Transmission fluid leakage is one of the most common and easy-to-spot signs of transmission system failure. It is a clear red liquid with a distinctive sweet smell. It lubricates the moving parts of the transmission system and is crucial for the smooth-shifting capability of your truck.

If you observe a low transmission fluid, you must check it for leakage. If the liquid has an opaque dark color and has a burnt smell, it needs to be pumped out and replaced by new fluid.

  1. Rough Gear Shifting

Are you facing a challenge in shifting your truck gear? Does your truck shake during the gear shifting? It’s time to schedule an appointment with a professional for collision repairs for a truck in Houston, TXIt can be a sign of a transmission system problem. It might result from dirty transmission fluid or fluid stuck in the system.

Another vital sign to look for is a sudden jump in the RPM during the gear shifting. It implies delay and drop in the transmission fluid level. At times, it might be accompanied by a strange noise.

collision repair services

  1. Strange Noises and Vibrations

If, while driving your truck, you notice a noise or vibration, your vehicle needs transmission repairs in Houston, TX. The clunking or buzzing sound might indicate that your gear and metal parts are rubbing. It can be a sign of a substantial problem with your transmission system. A grinding noise suggests cracks in gears, low transmission fluid, or incorrect height adjustment.

  1. Excess Heat from Your Transmission System

You need to contact an expert, if you observe an unusual spike in your engine temperature or odd burned toast while driving. It can be a sign of the transmission system overheating.

First of all, check the transmission fluid. If there is no leakage or burned smell, it might be a sign of a transmission problem.

The Bottom Line

The common signs above indicate an issue with your truck’s transmission system. When overlooked, they can become worse. Remember, transmission problems can be dangerous and expensive to repair.

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