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Simple But Not Ingenious: What Might Not Work In The Crankcase Ventilation System?

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According to doorstep car service Hyderabad, sometimes, things happen to a vehicle that enormously upset its owner. Something starts to consume oil, the throttle valve is always dirty, oil secrets from all the openings… even the air filter gets soaked in oil. Naturally, this sort of situation attracts the “capital.” Money money money. Pain, hopelessness, melancholy.

Or maybe it’s too early to sharpen the razor? Probably not everything is so bad, and the resolution of the problem lies in a small and not so expensive element with a strange name, “PCV valve”?

We all understand how the car engine works because of the combustion of the air-fuel mixture. At the time when this very beautiful but invisible process begins in the combustion chamber, the pressure there significantly increases. The pressure helps push the piston down, the piston pushes the crankshaft, and the latter performs its direct work. It converts the translation movement of the piston connecting rod into rotational, which sends it to the engine flywheel. Such a picture is perfect, but as a rule, in life, something always goes wrong.

In some cases, not all the gases created during combustion pass through the exhaust valve into the exhaust system. Some of them surely break into the crankcase. Roughly speaking – under the piston. Such a thing happens for a simple reason: no matter how tightly the compression rings fit, there are always chances for minimum clearance. Otherwise, the piston simply wouldn’t be able to move inside the cylinder. Moreover, on a cold engine, this gap is significant so that the gas, which is under immense pressure, will always find a loophole in the crankcase.

These gases comprise everything that engine oil doesn’t like. Incompletely burnt fuel, water vapor (they are present in the atmosphere), carbon particles – all these elements settle in the engine oil. But, of course, nothing beneficial happens after that: the oil is aging and stops working normally. However, this is not the worst thing.

As a rule, there should not be high pressure in the crankcase, and crankcase gases can significantly increase it. The outcome of such a process is usually unpleasant. Gases can expand the engine, and it starts to squeeze out other elements, unnecessary. Moreover, when the engine “swells”, everything seems superfluous to it: both oil and crankcase gases. In most cases, gases try to escape through the oil dipstick, pushing it out via the oil filter neck and all other areas, including – and through all seals and oil seals. If such occurrences manage to push out the crankshaft oil seals, the oil will flow through it.

Based on the experience of car repair at doorstep in Hyderabad, these gases must be released anyhow. Moreover, for this, they came up with a ventilation system for crankcase gases.

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