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Choosing a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink


DESCRIPTION. The Houzer PNG-2500 Estonia Series 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks is a single bowl kitchen sink that utilizes single, double, or even triple bowls. This double-hung, single bowl sink is extremely efficient and simple to clean due to its shallow depth. The inner bowl of the bowl is made out of single, heavy-duty cast iron. The outer bowl has a high drawn back wall with a medium to the low radius, making it easy to clean without splashing. It can handle all types of kitchen pots and pans, as well as other utensils.

WHY. Because a single bowl sink is easier to clean and sanitize than a double-hung, or even triple bowl sink, it is perfect for kitchens with children or pets. In addition, a single bowl sink is a less expensive alternative to high-quality double-walled sinks. The savings are made because there is no longer a need for expensive cleaning materials and chemicals.

SPECIFICATION. The specifications of each kitchen sink mentioned above vary slightly. However, most of them have similar dimensions and finishes. The major specification differences are described below: Base Diameters – The height of the upper portion of the bowl varies slightly. The lower portion can be finished to resemble a bar stool. The complete installation is finished to look like a shelf.

Finish – There are various finishes available including natural stone, chrome plating, copper, and stainless steel. Chrome-plated sinks are a durable option that can withstand frequent scrubbing and will not chip. Copper sinks are also available with a variety of finishes and can imitate the appearance of porcelain. Chrome is durable and can withstand frequent use. Porcelain finishes will not last as long as stainless steel.

SIZE. There is no single bowl sink that is wider or taller than another. Each has an interior space that is approximately one-half inch larger than the outside diameter. The interior space is measured by the interior diameter of the basin at the top of the sink and extends from the base all the way to the end of the bowl.

Maintainability. When compared to countertops, they are designed to be easily sanitized and wiped clean. They are resistant to stains and scratches but may scratch and damage the counter itself. To add extra durability and wear-ability, consider installing an under-mount rack.

RUST. Stainless steel is susceptible to scratching, chipping, and peeling. The risk becomes greater if the water source is an above-ground source like a gutter, waterfall, or another drop-off. If the single bowl sink is installed in an area where the water table is higher than the rim of the sink, it may scrape and damage the rim as well as the stainless steel surface. This can be minimized by installing the sink at an angle and using a cover plate to protect the area around the sink.

LIGHT. Single sinks are almost always made from either copper or brass – both of which are considered very useful for color and shine. These finishes are also very easy to maintain. To keep the shine, touch up mineral oil periodically and wipe down with mild soap and water. There is virtually no maintenance required on stainless steel plumbing – aside from occasionally wiping the finish with a damp cloth. The only time you should consider cleaning is if it gets too dirty – which will happen with anything that attracts a lot of moisture.

DUPLICATION. Stainless steel single bowl sinks are difficult to lock together. This means that anyone who has a screwdriver or other toolset handy can remove the sink by loosening the fasteners and moving it to another location. To solve this problem, always lock the sink together after installation.

COLLAGEN. This is perhaps the most common problem faced by those who own single bowl kitchen sinks. Over time, the enamel on the surface of the stainless steel will develop a silver or gold luster that can eventually scratch or discolor over time. If you are looking to restore your sink to its former luster, consider investing in a special enamel coating that can be applied to the inside of the bowl.

SIZE. First, decide what size sink you would like. If the single bowl sink is to be used for only one or two people, then go with a smaller model. A double bowl sink is often too big and can cause discomfort for the people using it. On the other hand, if you are considering using your new stainless steel sink as a single bowl dishwasher, make sure that the model you choose offers sufficient space for washing large dishes.

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