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Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender

Solutions If Your Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender Is Not Operating


The Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender is a compelling wireless range extender for small offices and homes that is capable of extending the range upto 300MBps. It connects with the existing modem or router device to extend the coverage range. The two ports on its bottom enable you to set up the extender device using the ethernet cable too. Its hardware consists of a reset button, a power button, two ports, and a WPS button. The plug and play feature also offers you to just plug your device into the AC socket and enjoy the wireless internet connection. It can place easily even in an open space. Its compatibility with almost every router device makes it very useful and valuable for money. It can work as a repeater as well as an access point and can be switched easily with just a click. 

It easily eliminates the dead locations by delivering a stable and secure internet connection. Online gaming and movie streaming can be done seamlessly. You can complete the nexxt setup just by plugging the device and thumb down the WPS button. Now we are gonna tell you the installation operation of the nexxt extender in a meticulous way.

Installation Of Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender

The installation operation of this device is very effortless. Before knowing the installation operation, it recommends reading all the info introduced in the user guide. Open the Kronos 301 box and bring all the equipment contained in the package box. Place the equipment carefully in a dry and flat place. Make sure you have a wireless router or modem device with WPS operation mode and both Kronos 301 and router are in the same room. 

Now plug the Kronos 301 device into the AC socket and thumb down the WPS button. Thumb down the router WPS button before two minutes. You will see that the extender LED light is illuminating and turns into a solid one after a few seconds. When the illuminating LED turns into a solid one. It means the Extender is set up successfully. If you see a red light, it means the extender connection to the router does not generate. Avoid placing the Kronos 301 device containing barriers such as metal objects and walls which may affect the coverage and speed. Now we are gonna tell you the solution if your Nexxt 301 device is not working properly.

What If Your Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender is Not Operating?

These are some solutions for this device if it is not working properly. You also have to find out in which situation Kronos 301 extender is not working. In all situations, there is a key solution that can fix all the trouble. Resetting the device is the one. It is simple and easily done by thumbing down the reset button for a few seconds. The alternate way to reset the Kronos 301 device is by accessing the login page. 

Check whether you access the internet connection and the ethernet cable you are using is working fine. Update the Nexxt extender firmware if available. Firstly, download the firmware file by visiting its official website. Choose the tools option after accessing the login page. Click on the upgrade option and then choose the spot of the file where you downloaded by hitting the browse option. Click on upload and hit the Upgrade button to complete the firmware update operation. Contact the customer support team if none of the above operations works for you. 

Review On Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender 

Using this device gives a great experience. The speed and coverage range is also awesome. Connecting the external device is simple as it has two ports. The setup operation can complete easily just by plugging the device into the AC socket. It saves the hardware equipment costs to install the extender and can place even in open places. However, sometimes, it disconnects automatically with the router. Then I reset this device, but the problem continues.

Final Words

I contacted the customer care support team, then came to my home and fixed this. The team is very kind-hearted and ensures that they continue to provide the best service. I also came to know that it was my fault as I did not set up the extender properly. Overall, a good extender for small offices and homes. I highly recommend all the buyers who are willing to purchase ethos items should go for it.

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