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Steps to Get Prepared for the CISSP Exam?


CISSP is the short form for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The CISSP certification is presented and devised by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or the (ISC)², a recognized global non-profit organization specializing in IT security. Often termed as the world’s largest IT Security organization, (ISC) ² maintains a Common Body of Knowledge for the domain and offers a variety of security certifications, including the CISSP, CSSLP, and CAP.

The vendor-neutral CISSP certification is considered an ideal credential for those proven with more technical and managerial experience, skills, experience, and credibility to design any engineer, manage, and implement their overall information security (IT) program to protect an organization from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

The CISSP is one of the most desired related exams, and for a good reason, the demand for CISSP exams is increasing day by day. CISSP-certified professionals embark on the history of the CISSP exam with the highest score.

Suppose you wish to be eligible for the CISSP exam. In that case, it is essential to have a minimum of five-year paid work experience in two or more domains for the CISSP common body of knowledge (CBK), which reflects the current and most relevant topic required to practice in this profession. CISSP holds some criteria list that needs to be considered before entering into the certification program.


Six steps that will help you to prepare for the CISSP exam.

  1. Get familiar with your exam.

Your first and foremost step towards preparing for your CISSP exam is getting to know which type of challenge you are going to face further. Conduct one-to-one sessions with our Simplilearn mentors to understand more about the exam and how you can prepare. Under the session, you will get a brief idea about exam topics, test series, and more resources.

CISSP certification outline contains details such as an overview of the CISSP certification exam, including its prerequisites, exam time, passing percentage, and questions you need to face during the exam.

  1. Customize your study plan according to your timetable

To create a plan, first, ensure the issues are ideal and pay attention to what cybersecurity professionals must face. The most important thing is to have an organized approach to preparing for your CISSP exams. Having a study schedule helps cover and revise all the topics and reduces stress, as you are aware of your progress eliminating last-minute panic.

Bifurcate the issues further based on the topics to be covered. Ensure that the issues are relevantly listed for their weight in the exams.

Assign the time required to cover each topic concerning their weightage. Most importantly, give yourself enough time for revision. Take time for breaks between studying to refresh yourself, and do not forget to make notes.

  1. Get engaged in an exam preparation course.

Dedicating yourself to a course might change your future. It is essential to understand the level of success, which requires deep knowledge of several different topics, especially for entry-level certifications.

Simplilearn online learning helps candidates prepare for exams like CISSP, which require a ton of personal attention and guidance throughout the course. Going through the preparation course helps candidates spend time with an experienced instructor and understand with deep knowledge to crack the exam with deep understanding.

  1. Undergo practice exams.

“Practice makes a man perfect.” Same for exams too. The CISSP exam is not that easy, and you can start studying two nights before your exam. CISSP candidates should attempt practice exams to know their strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they should plan their study. Further, it is essential to try mock exams to understand where you stand in your allotted time.

While taking practice exams, there are a few necessary things you should make a note of.

  • Attempting all questions within the given time limit.
  • Make sure all your concepts are clear.
  • Ensure being at ease while writing the paper.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

However, practicing mock papers is a must, and undergo what more you should improve and check from an experienced expert to get a detailed overview of your test.


Set an exam day preparation plan

When a big day is near the corner, we get panicked, but there are a few things you must follow throughout the exam day.


  • Check the official website of the CISSP exam to carry everything you need on your exam day. This is something you shouldn’t ignore or neglect, but when a person is under stress, it is human nature to forget important things that might get them into trouble.
  • Staying calm and taking equal rests. This step is as crucial as others regarding your exam day plan. Many candidates fall sick days before the exam because of tension issues. So, it is requested to stay calm and composed one night before the exam. It is also to focus on weaknesses and enhance the concepts you have missed during past days.
  • Making proper arrangements to be on time during the exam site. CISSP has a strict schedule to be followed while attempting the exam, and no delays are allowed on the site. Make sure you reach your destination half or one hour before so that you get relaxed and write a good paper.


Review your documents and keep learning

After you have passed your CISSP examination, the next step is to fill the ISC second endorsement process. This should be completed nine months after the results are out. Take another test and keep learning.

Once the ISC application is approved, the final step is to pay for the AMF fee; if you already hold ISC certification, you need not pay the required fee.

Last words

Lastly, review your paper; checking twice is a good habit once you complete your exam. It helps if you have missed any questions. These are the main steps to help you reach the CISSP certification exam. For any queries, connect to our Simplilearn mentors; they will guide you throughout the time.

Simplilearn is an online platform for learning with numerous courses involved; CISSP is one of them; for more details, connect with us.



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