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Suggestions for Making Your House Look Beautiful for the Holidays


As you peruse this collection of tasteful suggestions, you’ll discover the motivation you need to brighten every room and outdoor space in your house. To mention a few examples, there are clever ways to decorate your staircase, create a beautiful tablecloth, and spruce up your fireplace mantel for the holidays. If you’re like that kind of thing, you could even be motivated to take a stab at a handmade advent calendar, a wreath, or some decorations.

These do-it-yourself suggestions can bring you and your loved ones a lot of Christmas cheer, if you’re searching for something simple or a major facelift. Now that you’ve decorated your house for Christmas, you may enjoy additional seasonal rituals like eating Christmas cookies, singing Christmas carols, and watching Christmas films.

The kitchen is important, too!

Make holiday cooking a joy with a lovely kitchen decoration. This kitchen is decked up for the holidays with a plethora of greenery, from decorations above the counter to a little tree inside a jug of antique ornaments. Throw up some red accents like candles, towels, and ribbons to round off the theme. Find some brightly colored light bulbs at a yard sale (or in Grandma’s attic!) this holiday season. After that, you should glue them into a wreath shape and sprinkle some glitter on each bulb. For a rustic, organic feel, drape a luxuriant, all-green garland around the stairs this Christmas. Complement it with a row of bright snowflake decals on the rear wall.

Place gifts on the fireplace mantel

Make your homemade cardboard wreath to decorate your home without taking up too much room in storage. You can then easily store it flat until next year’s holiday season, rather than having to store it on a mantel or bannister. Artfully packaged items and boxed Christmas gifts make lovely holiday decorations. Arrange them in a tower on the mantel, place them beneath your tree for Christmas, or stack them in a nook to give your room an instant facelift. Throw caution to the wind and deck the halls with red, from decorative pillows to berry ornaments to checkered rugs.

Cultivate a grove of bottle brush trees

Create your own little forest by artfully stacking bottle brushes of all hues and sizes on a shelf, bookshelf, or fireplace mantel. For a splash of glitz, combine shiny greenery with metallic garland and sparkling pillar candles. As opposed to using just one wreath, why not use three for a more varied and interesting holiday display? Hang three evergreen wreaths from your front entrance to wow visitors.

Swap socks for coffee cups

To break with tradition (or to establish a new one), maybe this year you might store your stockings and instead get a set of matching holiday mugs for everyone in the family. Stuff them with candy, small toys, or anything else you want Santa to bring. You likely get flooded with Christmas cards, which is great, but only the finest deserve to be framed and hung on your wall. To add some holiday cheer, set them up in the form of a Christmas tree.

Honor your relatives with an award

You should definitely find a place on the Xmas tree for all of the ribbons you won as a youngster. Make a festive garland by linking together a bunch of different ribbons in different colors. Santa and Rudolph would love a personalized blackboard welcome when they drop over for refreshments. No one ever said that you couldn’t include fruit in your Christmas decorations. Make your own festive garland with a twist by using dried citrus slices. Assemble it with some thread, plastic string, or cable.

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