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Swimming With Lifeguard Certification


In the pool, I recognize the other ‘sports swimmers with lifeguard certification’ right away.

But how do you actually recognize a sports swimmer?


Sports swimmers are actually super easy to spot with lifeguard certification. They often walk straight to the fast lanes, know the rules and almost all have some material with them. A board and/or pull buoy are part of the standard equipment of a swimmer. Regardless of the level. The sports backpack often betrays a lot.

Watch is less important

If I’ve learned anything, it’s to get rid of my sports watch addiction. I used to track every swimming session, so I rarely use it now. The pool clock, on the other hand, or my trainer’s stopwatch is the only guideline.

The more you swim, the more your gut feeling helps you in the times. At our swimming club (yes, I took that step too) hardly anyone swims with a sports watch.

Turning point

The turning point. I think the part that makes the most distinction between recreational swimmers, triathletes, and competitive/sport swimmers. Not many triathletes master the turning point well. And I have to say, it is still difficult for me to keep up with the longer distances. That simple rollover turning point turned out to be anything but simple. Certainly to get some return from it and to have enough breath left to continue swimming well. But the turning point is secretly part of it.

And further

Well and furthermore, a fanatic swimmer is often hungry. Since you burn a lot of calories by swimming, you can also eat a lot. No penalty, if you ask me. The broad/muscled shoulders also often betray the swimmers.

In many different places in the Netherlands, groups of people still swim together in the open water. One swims for the kick, the other because it would be good for health. In any case, we are fans of all these brave swimmers who brave the cold. Now that the pools are closed again, this is the ideal way to still be able to swim. Are you planning to try this out? Consider the following before you start.

You don’t need much for a quick dip in the cold water, but when you really go swimming with lifeguard certification, some preparation is necessary. In the first place, a bathing cap is recommended. A normal silicone swim cap can just remove that sharp edge of the cold on your forehead. This way you can swim a lot more comfortably.

Good swimming goggles, suitable for open water, can’t hurt either. Comfortable glasses with slightly larger lenses are ideal. Also keep in mind that as the days get shorter, visibility isn’t always optimal. Swimming goggles with transparent lenses can offer a solution.

If you play it completely safe, you always swim outside with a swimming buoy. A swim buoy from the Swim Secure brand ensures that you are always clearly visible in the open water. It also gives you the opportunity to hang out on the buoy for a while to rest.

Dumbbell exercises

With dumbbell exercises, you can increase your bodyweight exercises well. Good exercises in which dumbbells can be of added value in the build-up are, for example, the squat and the lunge, but they can also be of added value with various shoulder exercises or trunk exercises. A good shoulder exercise with dumbbells is the upright row. In this exercise, you make a rowing movement upwards with the help of dumbbells while standing. You can also perform the shoulder press exercise well with dumbbells. You also stand straight and move both arms straight up with weights in your hands.

Resistance Band Exercises

A resistance band has about the same idea as a resistance elastic, but the resistance band is attached to each other. This makes it suitable for example to do around the legs during various exercises. For example, you can put a resistance band around your legs while doing a squat.

When you are more advanced you can first build up the intensity by doing more series with lifeguard certification or more repetitions during your exercises. If you want even more build-up, you can perform more difficult exercises or opt for extra resistance by means of resistance bands or weights. You can also make a lot of variations in the exercises described above so that they become heavier. Some examples of intermediate exercises are: the bridge single leg, the lunge stand up by lifeguard certification, the plank moving weight or the sit-up twist. You can also start with the wall sit. This is a very good exercise for the thigh muscles.


As an advanced athlete, you are looking for a little more challenge through more difficult exercises. For core exercises, a fitness ball is actually an indispensable training aid. Some exercises for the advanced dry swimming training are the V-up, the TYA on the floor, the table pulls up, the single-leg squat, the leg raise, the push-up, the Russian twist, the jump squat, flutter kicks, and various variations on the plank such as the plank rotation, plank saws, plank shift, plank ups, and the plank wraps.

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