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Tech Leadership Becoming a Successful Leader


“Tech Leader Canada” is an interesting book that is geared towards high school students and their parents. It provides for a detailed examination of the various leadership styles and philosophies of technology leaders. Authors Susan Nelson and Jennifer Price do an excellent job of describing, explaining, and testing the various characteristics that make up a great leader. Their writing style is clear, concise, and the concepts are presented in such a way as to be easily read and understood.

Most of the chapters deal with identifying the characteristics of successful leaders from Canada’s past as well as the present. The authors explain the key qualities to look for when selecting a leader and provide examples of how these traits can manifest themselves in a leader. They also identify several key personality traits that apply to successful leaders and how one can develop these traits. Finally, they discuss the various leadership styles and describe how each style might best fit an organization or individual team.

As most chapters begin with an historical perspective, the current discussion follows a similar vein. The authors examine past leaders and how their style of leadership helped to form the team or organization. Canadian tech companies come up repeatedly as great models of effective leadership. Nelson and Price provide interesting discussions about why this is. They also provide a detailed discussion about the Canadian system, including government structure and role of corporations. The authors explain that effective leadership is based on clear objectives that have clearly defined goals.

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The current discussion takes a critical eye to analyzing the different leaders from Canada. The authors identify three main distinctions to recognize between good and bad leadership. They point out that good leaders are those who take charge and get things done regardless of circumstances. They also outline the need for creating a high performance culture so that tech teams have an environment of continuous learning and growth.

All three chapters start with an explanation of the meaning of leadership and what it takes to become a leader. The book rightly emphasizes that leaders must have the vision, a clear set of goals, and a sound understanding of how people interact with one another. They also must know how to motivate people. Tech leaders in Canada need to understand that their role is to get things done by getting everyone on board.

The third chapter examines what kind of training is needed for tech leaders in Canada. The authors recommend a series of short courses on basic leadership skills, which can then be taken as a refresher course once a year. The main focus of the short course should be learning to assess situations and decide where a tech leader should step in. The authors explain that leaders must not hesitate to use technology in ways that are appropriate for the situation at hand Tech Leader Canada.

The final chapter looks at the obstacles that tech leaders in Canada face. The authors identify three major factors that affect tech leaders and help them to overcome them. The first factor identified is a lack of funding. The second is competition from similar businesses. The third is a poor education system. While these obstacles might seem insurmountable, they are addressed well in this helpful book.

This is a very useful book for any tech leader who is looking for advice on becoming an effective leader. The authors do a good job of describing what it takes to be a good tech leader and outline three important obstacles that tech leaders in Canada face. They also outline some effective strategies that can be used by those leaders to overcome these obstacles. It is a concise guide that can be used as a quick self-help guide for any tech leader seeking to increase productivity and increase company profits.

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