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How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass For Terrace Garden


Installing artificial grass for a terrace garden is considered one of the most cost-effective solutions to enhance the beauty of your house without spending much. These grass varieties are well accepted all over the world for various applications. Synthetic grass importers in Delhi offer good grades of Artificial Grass for Terrace gardens, lawns, parks, hotels, commercial areas, etc. These products can be selected according to your requirements. But, one thing you should know is that they are not friendly, which makes them a hazardous product to install on your terrace.

Choose Photos for garden Design

Finally, before you buy artificial turf stock photos for your decking or garden, make sure to check the best possible pictures. It is very important to have good and clear pictures to get a better idea of how your garden would look like after installing the turf. Further, it would be helpful for you to choose your garden design wisely. It is very essential to choose a deck design that compliments the size, shape, and texture of your backyard.

Hire Professional Company

For installing artificial turf, select a company that follows the highest international standards and guarantees its quality and longevity. It is advised to hire a company that follows the American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE) seal of approval. Using artificial grass UAE for roof terraces is a wonderful idea, but installation requires a skilled professional hand, as it is a difficult job and requires special skills. In case if there are damages caused due to faulty installation, then the damage is almost irreversible. So, hire a company that uses the best quality raw materials, avoids chemicals, and avoids using nails or screws.

Synthetic grass requires skilled manpower, technicians, and experienced workers to install artificial grass for terraces in Delhi. One needs to use special tools and equipment like a blowtorch, hoes, rakes, cutting blades, etc to install artificial grass for roof terraces, balconies, parks, hotels, etc. Synthetic turf cannot be installed over natural grass, as it crumbles due to wear and tear. Also, installing artificial grass over natural grass results in loss of aesthetic value of the surrounding area.

When it comes to maintenance, it is quite different from that of natural lawns. It is quite tough, as it can withstand heavy rains and it does not get damaged by wind. Even during summer, it remains cool and does not get affected by too much heat. It is preferred by homeowners and commercial properties alike for its high quality, low maintenance, and variable seasons of availability.

Flat terrace gardens

However, in the case of flat terrace gardens like restaurants, hotels, or residential houses, artificial grass…is an excellent choice for increasing the overall beauty and life of the entire terrace garden. If you have a big garden, then you can choose different colors and even patterns for your landscape design. You can select the material depending upon your taste and preference. For instance, artificial grass…is available in various textures and styles and can easily complement the surroundings, whether traditional, contemporary, or tropical.

Fix the proper pitch

While installing artificial grass for the terrace garden, be careful to fix the proper pitch. The pitch must be such that it neither becomes too steep nor too flat so that the turf would lose its attractiveness after some time. Moreover, choose the appropriate base materials as well. A heavy base could damage the turf if it is not fixed properly. Since the landscape is high-traffic, opt for an infill system instead of regular concrete.


When it comes to maintenance, artificial grass for terraces is much easier to maintain as compared to other types of lawns. Watering is very easy and does not require any professional plumbing expertise. You just need to mow the lawn once in a fortnight or in any other given occasion. Moreover, if you have any problem with the turf, you can contact to get it repaired at the earliest.

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