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The 4 Absolutely Common Nissan VQ35DE Engine Problems


It is impossible to overlook the VQ35DE engines when discussing Nissan’s automobile accomplishments.

The Nissan VQ35DE engines are both long-lasting and reliable. The VQ35DE engine was first produced in the year 2000 and is still in use today. One of the main reasons for its enormous success is the engine’s versatility. This reliable engines has found its way to a wide variety of other vehicles.

There isn’t a single flawless engines on the planet. The VQ35DE, like every other engines on the market, has several flaws. This reliable engines also has a reputation for consuming a lot of oil, failures with the timing chains, and oil leaks.

In this article, we’ll go over the common Nissan VQ35DE engines issues and how to fix them.

Nissan 3.5 V6 Engine Overview

The VQ35DE engine is a 3.5L engine made by Japanese professionals. The Nissan VQ35DE engine is powered by 6 cylinders, each with its own valve. These 6 cylinders give the vehicle more power and efficiency. The VQ35DE comes with a displacement of 3,498 cubic centimeters (3.5 L).

It is a naturally aspirated engine. Pending the year of manufacture and model, the VQ35DE engine’s standard power output can range from 228 to 300 bhp, and torque ranges from 246 to 247 lb-ft. It’s a design with aluminum heads and a block made of aluminum.

This engines are capable of producing tremendous power, and it’s also a high-performance engine. The Nissan VQ35DE engine is highly regarded because it can produce up to 300 horsepower while being fuel-efficient.

The reduced fuel usage is one of the reasons consumers prefer the VQ35DE engines. If you use this engines appropriately, it should last you between 200,000 and 250,000 miles.

4 Common Nissan VQ35DE Engine Problems

Despite the fact that they are not a prominent concern, failing to address them could result in greater and more dangerous deterioration. As soon as symptoms appear, it’s smart to start seeking for a solution.


High Oil Consumption

You may be puzzled why, after a month or two of oil changes, your oil level frequently drops to the midpoint or near the bottom.

This type of high oil consumption is typical with high-mileage automobiles. They consume oil at a higher rate than normal, which might be detrimental to the engine. Because low engine oil levels can cause engine damage. That’s why you will need to check and add more oil for your Nissan frequently. Visit to pick the right oil type for you Nissan

Excessive smoke from the exhaust, overheating of the engine, and hardened oil deposits on a component of the engine are the main indicators of high oil consumption.

How to fix

  • Idling your engine for an extended amount of time is not recommended. The VQ35DE burns more oil when traveling a short distance. Therefore, don’t leave your engine running for a long period of time. 
  • If you start noticing your engine is consuming a lot of oil, you should change the oil you use and replace it with a more viscous oil.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks are caused by valve cover gaskets (VCG) on the VQ35DE.

As the engine becomes older, the valve gaskets start to fracture. This can result in leakage, which, if not addressed properly, can lead to engine damage.

Rubber gaskets are used on the VQ35DE valve cover gaskets. These gaskets undergo a lot of wear because the engine is constantly heating up and cooling down.

The substance deteriorates with time and starts to break. This causes oil to eventually leak out of the valve cover area. 

Sometimes these leaks can be mild, they go unnoticed most of the time. Severe cracking might lead to bigger, more catastrophic oil leaks.

Visible oil leaks, emitting smoke from the engine compartment, and a burning smell, may appear to you as the most obvious warning. 

How to fix

To tackle the problem of oil leaks, you must first understand the root of the problem.

  • Use a more viscous oil
  • Get a Nissan 3.5 V6 VCG replacement.


The Nissan VQ35DE does not frequently overheat. But when it does, it is commonly caused by the valve cover closing too quickly, allowing oil to leak over the spark plugs. A coolant leak in the system’s expansion tank may also occur, resulting in overheating.

Overheating and cooling system breakdowns are relatively trivial problems that can occur in any engine. If not checked promptly, other engine components may suffer as a result of this issue. 

You can spot this fault with the following symptoms: unusual emission of white smoke, overheating due to lack of engine coolant, and a visible puddle of coolant. 

How to fix

To avoid your engine overheating, you should look into repairing the malfunctioning components right away.

  • If your expansion tank is damaged, you should have it repaired as soon as possible.
  • Repair your cooling system when there is a problem with the cooling system

Failing Timing Chains

One of the notorious problems associated with the Nissan VQ35DE engine is timing chain failure. The timing chain synchronizes the movement of the crankshaft and camshaft in an internal combustion engine. Maintaining the timing between the pistons and the valves is dependent on a correctly tensioned chain.

Some of the common symptoms of a failing timing chain are engine noises, misfiring issues, acceleration troubles, bent valves or rods, and fatal engine failure that may result when timing chains loosen. 

How to fix

If you feel that your car’s timing chain has a problem, you should look into it right away. A malfunctioning timing chain can be unpleasant and dangerous. 

  • You should fix the defective part of the chain system
  • Replace the entire chain system. 


Without a doubt, the Nissan VQ35DE engines are reliable and long-lasting.

Despite its flaws, it is an excellent choice.

You can drive for at least 300,000 miles without experiencing any major problems if you maintain your vehicle properly. To prevent any of the serious issues that can arise, use high-quality oil and make any repairs when necessary. You may expect your vehicle to last a long time if you take adequate care and maintenance of it.

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