Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Benefits of Drone Roof Inspections


Roof inspections for large and complex structures can be difficult, costly, and dangerous at times. Unlike past roofs, which were plain and basic, the majority of contemporary developments have unique and sophisticated designs. However, regardless of the shape, complexity, or size of the project, developers and owners must adhere to all applicable building laws and regulations.

Highly accurate: most roof inspection programs stitch photos together with greater than 99% accuracy. 

  1. Drone what is brought to the roof of inspection

It is clear that drones provide many benefits for the roof inspection industry, but what are the specific use cases associated with it? Here are some calls:

Find water leaks in the roof envelope

The roof envelope is a hidden area, and can challenge to detect indications of leakage. While drone sensors usually cannot identify water leaks in many cases (especially if leakage is hidden from vision), they can detect important indicators, such as the existence of water. roofing drones can also identify temperature variants using thermal sensors. It saves team money and time and provides better results for clients.

Find an air exfiltration area

Finding air exfiltration bags need a lot of attention and equipment. However, drones have the potential to simplify this process. Because they are very maneuvering and capable, drones can finish work quickly. This, once again, gives better results for clients and improving simplicity for the team.

Find an area where there is a lack of isolation

Areas without isolation are quite inclined to leak, inefficiency, and increase utility costs. However, drones can help identify and find this area. It helps clients save money and reflect well on your team.

Find the water area stand

Water stands can be dangerous on the roof. By maneuvering and up and over the building, rather than touching the surface, the drone identifies the water area of ​​this collection and provides the information needed to make a plan to recover it.

Drone: Roof Inspection Team in the Future

If you haven’t, your team must use a company-level commercial drone, camera for a roof inspection. In addition to reducing costs, drones offer better services than human-led roof inspection teams. This creates better results for clients and significantly less risks and time investment for the organization.

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