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excavator finance
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The Perfect Guide To Excavator Finance


Excavator finance is a way for those looking to purchase an excavator but doesn’t have enough cash on hand at the moment, or those who need an emergency loan, to get one. This type of financing will allow you to borrow money based on the value of your excavator and pay it back in monthly instalments. It’s a way for you to buy equipment now without having all the funds upfront!

There are a variety of factors that can affect the finances of an excavator. The type of machine, the hours worked, and other costs all have a major impact on how much money is made each year.

The average excavation company in Australia spends $200,000 per year to maintain their machines, about $20,000 more than what they make in profit annually. This makes it difficult for them to turn around and invest more into their business by purchasing new equipment or hiring additional workers due to this large outflow of cash every month.   

Renting Or Buying?

Trying to decide whether you should rent an excavator or buy it outright can be a difficult decision, but it is important to consider the long-term implications of your choice.

You have to worry about the initial cost of purchasing and the ongoing running costs, which can be significant too. However, what if you could rent one instead? Would renting be a better option?

The Benefits Of Buying Equipment:

Use it in multiple projects:

 Buying equipment is a wise investment that will save you time, money and energy in the end. For instance, buying a drill can be used for drilling holes into wood or metal material. When it comes to your company, you are looking for ways to save. One of the best ways is by buying equipment that can be used in multiple projects. It does not matter what type of business you have or how big or small; there are many benefits to purchasing this type of equipment.

excavator finance
Image Source: Pexels

Better ROI: 

Companies have found that they get a better return on investment (ROI) over time when purchasing equipment. In this situation, instead of paying rent, maintenance fees, and other costs related to leasing space from another company or building owner. Companies can invest their money into buying their own property, which leads to more savings in the long term.

The Benefits Of Renting Equipment:

One-time use: If you are in need of equipment for one-time use, renting is the way to go. You will be able to get all the equipment you need without buying it outright or spending money on something that you may only use once.

Lower Initial Cost:

 A lower initial cost is the most obvious benefit, but other benefits may not be as clear. For instance, renting allows you to try out different models before spending money on something more complicated or expensive. If you decide it is not for you after all, then at least your money is not gone forever.

And if you’re starting with your business and don’t have a lot of capital to spend right off the bat, renting can work well for this type of situation. You will be able to get up and running without taking on any debt to do so.  

Final Word

Many people are unaware that there are different types of excavator financing available. And they might be choosing the wrong type for their needs. There is a lot to know about this topic before making any decisions.

In addition, efforts to finance a new excavator can be confusing. At first glance, it may seem like there is no end to all the options and terms that come with getting an excavator financed. Fortunately, you do not have to decide on your own because we have researched for you! We will walk you through everything from deciding whether or not financing is right for you to what type of loan will work best for your situation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information possible so they can take control of their equipment needs as smoothly as possible.

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