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The Popular Choice for Personal Storage Leatherhead


Storage Leatherhead is the most hassle-free storage company. You can avail of all the fantastic deals, services, and promotions in super simple, three straightforward steps – easy booking, free pickups, and convenient returns. You can get door-to-door storage in the most favorable way possible. 

Personal storage is more accessible with Storage Leatherhead: 

No matter what your storage requirement is – downsizing, closing/moving date pushed back, traveling, combining homes, freeing up space, storing a loved one’s belongings, renovating your existing home or simply running out of room. We cater to every storage need with total commitment and promise to give only the most convenient services at the most affordable rates. 

The booking process is relatively straightforward. Log in online and select the storage unit that works the best for you. There are multiple storage sizes available you can choose from – all the storage units are 7 feet in height except for the 12 sq ft storage unit, which is 4 feet in height. 

Following are the storage unit sizes offered by Storage Leatherhead: 

  • Closet space 12 sq ft: 8-10 storage boxes or 4-5 large suitcases. 
  • Large closet space 15 sq ft: 10-12 storage boxes or 5-6 large suitcases. 
  • Studio flat 25 sq ft: one bedside table, one TV, one TV stand, 10-12 storage boxes. One bed flat/small office 50 sq ft: one double bed, 1-2 seater sofa, one bedside table, 15-20 storage boxes. 
  • Two bed flat/small office 75 sq ft: one double bed, 1-3 seater sofa, one wardrobe/drawers, and 25-30 storage boxes. 
  • Three bed flat/single garage 100 sq ft: two double beds, 2-3 seater sofas, bedroom and dining furniture, 35-40 storage boxes. 
  • Five-bed house/double garage 200 sq ft: living and dining furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom suites or 150-180 storage boxes. 
  • Seven-bed house/large office 300 sq ft: all household items, seasonal stock, 12-person office or 250 storage boxes. 
  • 10 bed house/large office 400 sq ft: all household items, seasonal stock, 16-person office or 300+ storage boxes. 

If you require help with the sizing, you can contact our helpful staff at customer service. Our friendly and hands-on staff are always obliged to guide and help their customers with every issue that protrudes. 

If you have a specific query, then all you have to do is contact customer services, and they will gladly guide you thoroughly. 

Convenient self-storage for offices: 

If you have important business documentation or paperwork or large equipment like computer monitors, chairs, desks, or any other large furniture item that requires a safe and secure storage unit, we can help. Storage Leatherhead provides office storage for all your commercial storage needs until you are ready to set up your new business premises, renovate your old office or shift to a smaller/larger office space. 

Moving offices and renovating them can be stressful, tiresome and time-consuming, but with our help, you can make it hassle-free. Finding a safe and reliable place for your expensive and valuable office furniture and equipment can sound overwhelming. With our professional team and hardworking customer service staff, you can leave your small and big furniture pieces for as long or as short as you want. 

We aim to provide only the best of services. Move your office equipment to our safe, clean, dry and well-lit storage units. They are purpose-built, fully alarmed and equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. We also have a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Climate-controlled storage facilities are apt to store furniture, expensive artwork, delicate clothing items etc. You can also keep electronics like printers, laptops, monitors, computer accessories to avoid getting mold and rust on them. It’s better to pay a little more for a climate-controlled storage unit than get your belongings damaged and regret later. 

If you wish to store seasonal stock for a short time, you will be glad to know our services are flexible. You won’t have to sign any long-term contract in such a case. If you want more customized packages, feel free to contact our officials, and they will guide you with more helpful information. 

Hassle-free student storage: 

Storage Letterhead provides safe and very affordable storage for university students. We have some fantastic winter break packages, and you can choose the one that works the best for you at very cheap rates. 

LITE 12 sq ft: 8-10 storage boxes or 4-5 large suitcases.

Winter Pack 15 sq ft: 10-12 storage boxes or 5-6 large suitcases.

Little More 25 sq ft: one bedside table, one TV stand, one TV, 10-12 storage boxes.

Store With Friends 50 sq ft: one double bed, 1-2 seater sofa, one bedside table, 15-20 storage boxes. 

Along with multiple storage sizes convenient for students who are going  home to spend holidays or planning to move dorms, shifting to another country or city for a semester, we offer easy booking and easy removals. 

Easy Booking: You can book your free collection on our website in seconds. You will get access to your online account to keep track of your bookings, invoices and items. Please select the size that’s most suitable for you and let us handle all the tedious work. 

Hassle-free pickups: Our two-person team will arrive at your doorstep at your selected time slot. We try our best to be as punctual as possible to avoid delays and complaints. Our efficient team will collect, load and unload all your stuff at the storage facility. dc

Secure and reliable storage unit: We store your items in all-purpose built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors. Only you have access to your storage unit as you will be the only carrier of the keys. It’s our top priority to keep your valuables safe, secure and in the same condition as initially stored. 

Hassle-free returns: If you wish to have some or all of your belongings back, then you don’t have to worry. The whole procedure is not tiring and confusing. At Storage Leatherhead, we make removals the easiest part of storage hunting. 

Book a partial or complete return from your online account, the same one you booked a storage unit from – choose the address you want your stuff to be delivered anywhere in London, and we will take care of the rest.

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