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The Unusual Exotic Sounds Of Bong & Bongs


The bong&bongs originated in China. A type of wooden instrument having a long tube with two ends which are bent to make a noise when the strings are plucked. It is played by plucking with the right and left hands. In some styles, the instrument is held vertically. This instrument has been in existence for thousands of years and was played mainly for pleasure.

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate bong&bongs into your own music. If you are looking for something a little bit more unique, then you may want to think about using a unique set of bong&bongs. Whatever you do, though, make sure that you play with all your full skills when you play bong&bongs. This will ensure a truly memorable experience.

Types of bong:

There are many types of bong. One is the short bong or the baby bong which measures about three feet. It is made of reed, rattan or cane. In general, it is a round, medium sized, thick drum with a body that is about eight inches long and a diameter of between one and two inches.

The other main type of bong is the long bong which measures more than three feet. It is constructed from wood, plastic or a combination of all three and is quite heavy. Long bongs are used not only for entertainment but also for decoration.

Long pipe:

A unique characteristic of bong&bongs is the long pipe. They are played using the entire body of the instrument and, to some extent, the head as well. For this reason, the instrument is also called the giant bong. Some famous performers include the Isabella Stewart Gardner, Arthur Miller, Yusef Islam and John Williams.

Today, bong&bongs can be purchased as a kit. There are hundreds of designs in which these instruments are available. Bong&bongs have gained immense popularity among musicians due to their simple, funky and colorful designs. Some of the popular music genres that use bong&bongs include reggae, folk, blues, pop and other music styles. There are many bands that prefer to play bong&bongs because of the simple melody and compelling rhythms.

Variety of materials:

Bong&bongs can be made from a variety of materials. The most common material that is used for making these is bamboo. Bamboo is a very good conductor of sound and it is therefore often found in the background of traditional music. In addition, bamboo is strong and light, making it perfect for use in making large and heavy bong shapes.

Bong&bongs can also be made from wood. Although it is not as popular as bamboo, wood can produce some interesting results when it is properly treated with oil. Some popular wood types that can be used in making bong&bongs include doum palm, ebony, mother-of-pearl, teak and rosewood. Other materials that can be used in bong&bongs include glass, stone, clay and plastic.

Oriental influence:

Today bong&bongs are becoming more popular. It is true that bong&bongs have an oriental influence, but they have also become mainstream and can be found being played in most styles of music. So if you are looking for a great new way to relax, play some loud music and create intimacy, then you might want to give bong&bongs a try. You might just be surprised by what you hear!

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What is great about bong & bongs is that they can be used as an alternative to playing musical instruments. They are great for adding some extra percussion to a song as well as creating some melodic harmony. A good bong&bongs set will usually contain the main instrument, which will be bong, cymbals, tom-tom stand, bass drum and hi hat. Then additional instruments can be added such as percussion, flutes, strings, bells or kettles. This way you have a well rounded set that makes great music.


Another great thing about bong&bongs is that they are fun to play. Unlike most instruments that are played in a way that seems difficult, bong&bongs sound almost like an easy instrument. They are fast and have a distinct “chirp” sound, just like a bird singing. The nice thing about bong&bongs is that they can be used in a variety of ways from being the lead part in a rhythm section, to providing a melody in a marching band sound.

In addition to the typical instruments listed above, bong&bongs can also include additional exotic types of percussion instruments. For example, the traditional bamboo flute can be used as a bong&bongs main instrument. Other instruments can also be added such as steel stringed instruments or other types of exotic percussion instruments. These additional instruments can add some complexity to a bong&bang and make it more interesting and colorful.

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