Friday, December 9, 2022
Inverter for House

Things to Consider Before You Buy an Inverter for House


In India, almost everybody must have experienced the panic that the entire household has to face when there is a power cut. While the situation has improved over years, there are some areas that still experience major power cuts. Sometimes, these power cuts extend for hours making your life difficult. In the current scenario when everybody has gone digital, people have started working from home, kids have online classes, etc, the need to have a continuous power supply has become all the more important. If your locality experiences frequent and prolonged power cuts, then investing in a good quality inverter for house is indispensable for you.

Given below are the things that you should keep in mind before buying an inverter-

  • Know Your Power Consumption

The first thing that you should keep in mind while buying an inverter is to know the estimate of your total power consumption. Make a list of all the gadgets you need even when there is no power and then calculate the combined load.  The total watts of the power drawn by all appliances together can help you decide the VA rating of the inverter for house.

  • Know Which Appliances can Function Using an Inverter

An inverter is different from a generator so not all appliances can derive power from the inverter. Many appliances have heavy motors which need a lot of power to get started, so you shouldn’t connect such appliances with your inverter.

  • Know the VA Rating Required by Your Inverter

The power generated by equipment like UPS, inverters, generators, etc are rated in VA. It is calculated by multiplying the voltage and the current supplied by the equipment. The power consumed by appliances in the homes like air conditioners, refrigerators, bulbs, etc is calculated in watts. So, before buying an inverter you should calculate the VA rating that your inverter requires. To calculate the VA rating for an inverter, the power factor of it should also be calculated. This factor is the amount of power need by electronic appliances to the amount of energy supplied by the inverter.

  • Other Things to Consider

Other considerations include if the inverter comes with a stipulated warranty period, if the inverter requires any maintenance or not, if the inverter is 100% efficient or not, etc. Such miscellaneous considerations might seem tiny but are very important in the long-term functioning of the inverters. If you are someone who travels a lot, then you can also consider buying portable inverters. If you wish to select an inverter for expeditions then the factors to be considered before buying are different from that of a regular inverter.

Conclusion on the Same

Buying an inverter is a crucial decision, so you need to be vigilant before buying one. You can even purchase an inverter for house from online sources also. But consider all the valid factors before purchasing inverters because they are a must-have in any household these days. The world has become digital now. It is relying increasingly on electronic and electrical devices on daily basis. So having an inverter in the current scenario is a must.


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