Friday, December 9, 2022
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Things to Look For in a Conversational Artificial Intelligence Platform


One of the very first applications of artificial intelligence that most businesses try out is the chatbot. This could be for employee helpdesk communications or for customer service chat services. For such interfaces that involve human interaction you will need a conversational artificial intelligence platform. From natural language processing to simple image processing there are a host of features that these platforms bring today. 

Attributes that Add Value to a Conversational AI Platform 

Data security, ability to utilize the same code across multiple platforms and devices, and enterprise AI platform support are some basic features that most businesses already look into while choosing their AI solutions for chat. But here are some additional features that provide a competitive edge. 

  • Meaningful Engagement

Mechanically presenting some options and giving a standard response will make the chatbot experience disappointing to the customers. There should be an exchange of responses where the bot asks questions to understand the customer’s queries. Understanding involves identifying priorities and recognizing the need for human intervention. For this the AI platform should have access to all data that a customer care team will access in order to clarify doubts about order and payment processes as well as past orders of customers. In some cases, minor levels of decision making might also be embedded like the initiation of a return or refund request when the eligibility criteria are met. Choose a platform that supports such less straightforward functions for better customer engagement. 

  • Ownership of Data Involved

There is a lot of sensitive information being processed and accessed by the chatbot you develop. Intellectual property violations can be huge and when you are handling customers’ personal information, data leaks can be detrimental. Besides the data that your chatbot already has access to, chat interfaces capture a lot more information than just the contact details. Customers share their grievances, complaints, and in some cases, even images of the products received. All this is vulnerable data. This is why you should evaluate the data ownership terms when you choose your AI solutions for conversational interfaces. 

  • Level of Personalisation

You do not need a chatbot that looks so much similar to what your competitor is using. Pick an AI platform that allows extensive personalization of the aesthetics and the functionality of your chatbot. This also helps in maintaining a consistency in your brand image. Another type of personalization the platform should support would be based on the specific customers. Instead of initiating a conversation from scratch, the chatbot should ideally check for any recent unresolved issue and initiate a conversation that sounds like a follow up on the previous discussion. This saves the customers’ time and will also make them more comfortable chatting with a bot over a human customer care executive. 

So, if you are looking for the best conversational artificial intelligence platform for your business consider the above features as the essential ones. There could be several additional features offered depending on the platform provider. These all make it possible for you to prepare relevant data and obtain the desired output that actually makes a difference to your business. 

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