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Things you should know about Melasma and Kybella treatment

Kybella Treatment San Francisco

Melasma is common among women, and it leaves patches of discoloration on the skin, especially the face. We offer effective melasma treatment in San Mateo. We also provide the best kybella treatment in San Francisco. We are renowned for our high professionalism and expertise in administering melisma, kybella and other skin treatments. We have experienced and licensed dermatologists that are experts at offering you perfect skin.

What is melasma, and what causes it?

Melasma is a form of patches of discoloration that appear symmetrically on the face and other skin parts. It is common among dark-skinned women, mainly Hispanic/Latinos, African-Americans, Mediterranean, middle eastern, Indian, North African, and Asian. Common causes of melisma include:

  • Certain skincare products

Some people may react to some skincare products, which may cause skin irritation.

  • Hormonal change

Pregnant women are more susceptible to developing melasma due to changes in their hormones. Other melisma triggers include hormone replacement medications and birth control peels.

  • Sun exposure

Exposure to UV light may trigger melisma because UV light stimulates melanocytes in your skin.

What is the best melasma treatment?

There are various forms of melasma treatments in San Mateo. We offer you the most effective melasma treatment. There are medications for melisma used in treating melasma. Topicals or creams may be used as well. However, these medications and topicals may not work for everyone.

You may require some medical procedure such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, light-based procedure, or laser treatment. An experienced dermatologist must carry out such a procedure. We have experienced and licensed dermatologists you can trust to administer the best melasma treatment in San Mateo.

What you should know about Kybella treatment

Kybella treatment is effective for improving a double chin appearance. It can be used as a double chin treatment without liposuction or surgery. We offer the best Kybella treatment in San Francisco. Kybella is injected beneath your chin to destroy fat cells. Upon completing the kybella treatment, you may notice a fullness reduction beneath your skin.

Kybella treatment is very effective and may not need to be repeated since the cells would no longer accommodate or store fat.

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