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Tips for a Professional Couch Cleaning: How to Keep Your Couches Looking Great


Professional couch cleaning serves as a crucial step in deep cleaning, stain removal and for prolonging the life of your couch.

Why is professional couch cleaning important

Professional couch cleaning is important because it prepares your couches to receive the next part of their lives as well as adds value to the spaces where they sit. Some people think that being a professional is difficult or expensive, but it is actually not. There are many ways you can get qualified. The first is to attend a course. There are many courses offered all over the world, including Canada, United States and in Canada, you can take an online course at Coursera, The University of Alberta and others. A paid course would cost you around $100 to $200 in total. Another way is to find a peer to peer course. They are often organized by groups and you would get many courses from different groups at the same time.

When to get a professional couch cleaning

Every two years: Your couch’s protector may be deteriorating, and a professional will handle the removal of the protector completely. Make sure you give your couch a thorough cleaning as well. This includes removing all any fluff and cobwebs from cushions, and checking your cleaning product. Every three years: If your couch is in good condition, you can live in an area with a slight mold problem and leave the couch alone for three years. The first six months: In your first six months, make sure your couch is not sitting on or near carpeting, so that the chemicals are not transferred. A professional is needed to clean the couch on this six-month mark.

What should you know before hiring a company or individual

· Large items like sofas and dining chairs: – People tend to forget that larger furniture can be extremely expensive to clean. Not to mention that it is very hard to get rid of stains and marks on some furniture pieces, especially if the cover and cushion are not removable. · Small items like coffee tables and chairs: – Even though you have to clean less than large furniture pieces, it is still important to hire a cleaning professional for the purposes of deep cleaning. They can remove stains from smaller items by using cleaning chemicals or simply by using a fine dust mop to remove dirt and grime. · Multi-surface furniture: – It is always a good idea to hire a professional if you have more than one type of furniture that needs to be cleaned.

How to prepare for a professional couch cleaning

Let your carpets air out for a few days. Carpets absorb heat, which damages the fibers of the couch. During a good cleaning, you can avoid the damage that happens due to chronic exposure of the fabric. Select the right couch cleaning service. Any surface that is exposed to dust is difficult to clean. However, there are specialized cleaners for carpeting that contain chemicals, which are completely safe for your couch. Inspect the cushions carefully. Place your pillows and cushions on the couch, and reach under the cushions to see if there are any hair or dust mites present. Remove any that you may find. Immediately go over the entire surface area. If the couch is professionally cleaned, then you can check for dust on the blinds, as these can quickly turn into dust mites and trigger allergy symptoms.

What if the stains persist?

The truth is, those stains may not be gone just yet. A professional is the best way to resolve the stains because professionals couch cleaners have greater knowledge and can complete a more targeted clean on your specific couch. It’s also important to note that most cleaning companies use special cleaning solutions and methods that can target stains and achieve the best results. Dawn Sandy How do professionals clean them? There are plenty of brands that have cleaning solutions that will accomplish this. You have to understand that there are many stains and stains do not show on one type of couch. To have a true sense of what’s needed, look up carpet cleaning solutions that specifically target stains and look for them. Look for solutions like Dawn (laundry detergent) or Sandy (sealing detergent).


We hope these tips provided by our team help you in ensuring that your couch is in perfect condition every single day. With careful usage, it is possible to prolong the life of your couch and remove all the stains and dirt that may accumulate over time.

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