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Tips to Move Heavy Furniture on Your Own


Home shifting and moving furniture is one of the most tiring and exhausting process. There is a lot one needs to manage. Hiring professional movers is the top-most choice of people when it comes to shifting home. But sometimes you find yourself to be doing the task such as moving heavy furniture items. Well, moving heavy furniture items is something which requires professional furniture removals Melbourne. However, if you aren’t hiring removals and using DIY techniques for moving heavy furniture items.

Here are some smart tips you must consider following while moving heavy furniture on your own.

Moving heavy furniture is a significant chore, whether you’re relocating or just redecorating. Use these easy strategies to move large, awkward objects without damaging your back, your home, or your furnishings.

Smart tips to move heavy furnitures on your own 

Make sure to read every listed tip so that you can easily move heavy items without damaging them and hurting yourself.

  • Make a plan for Moving Furnitures

Since you’re moving heavy furnitures items, your goal should be to make a wise plan which you can execute. You have to be as efficient as possible so that you can execute a plan accordingly. Basically, you have to figure out where you will keep and load heavy items. Moreover, creating a plan also save you a lot of time and you manage things sufficiently. 

  • Garner equipment 

Moving heavy furnitures without using any kind of tool or equipment would be a big mistake. Furnitures items are already heavy you can’t dare to move them on your back. If you do so, you’ll surely break your back. So, the great idea is to use equipment used for lifting ad moving heavy furnitures items. The equipment includes:

  • Furnitures dolly
  • Ramp
  • Moving straps 
  • Furnitures sliders 
  • And using proper moving techniques 

These are some of the equipment you must be using for lifting and moving furnitures items. 

  • Remove any Obstacles

One of the most crucial steps in our guide to moving heavy furniture alone is to rid your surroundings of anything that might cause you to slip or fall. That means there should be no toys, shoes, bubble wrap, or cardboard boxes on the floor or pathways. In the same line, put your dogs in a secure place and make sure your children aren’t running around.

  • Dismantle furniture 

If possible, dismantle furnitures items. If your furnitures offers you assembling and disassembling of items, just utilize this part. Moreover, take away all the removable pieces like cushion, legs, knobs, drawer, and a lot more. Once you do this part, moving furnitures items become quite easier for you. In fact, Melbourne movers also perform this activity so that moving and loading items become super easier. 

  • Use of proper moving techniques 

You’re moving heavy furnitures items on your own without taking help of anybody right. Therefore, you have to make use of proper moving techniques through which you can easily lift, load, and move whatever heavy item or furnitures you have at home. Here are some techniques you must consider using while moving heavy items:

  • Bend as per needs, not your waist 
  • Maintain balance while moving heavy items 
  • Avoid twisting your body while lifting 

Final synopsis 

Lifting and moving heavy furniture items is not a cup of tea unless you’re a professional home removalists. Using proper techniques and equipment while lifting and moving heavy items is what you need to consider following. In this blog, you have learned what you need to do while lifting and moving heavy items. We hope you found this blog helpful.

You’ll be able to move heavy furniture on your own with ease if you follow the suggestions above–as long as you recognise and respect your personal limits. When you’re moving huge pieces of furniture by yourself, tools like sliders, straps, and dollies may really help. Of course, nothing beats hiring a couple movers, which is strongly advised for the heaviest of objects or if stairs are involved.

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