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Creativity is quite stressful and can be exhausting, but that is one of the things needed in screenplay writing. A screenplay is a written work meant for a movie, TV show, or any other form of moving media that expresses the dialogue, movement, and actions of the characters. So, one must be knowledgeable in screenwriting, as it has to be compelling to read before it can be a wonderful movie or a great TV show.

Numerous screenwriters teach how to write quality and amazing screenplay; one of those you can learn from is the award-winning screenwriter Brian Herschkowitz in Houston. He has about 20 years of teaching experience; Brian has taught the secret of amazing screenwriting to numerous successful writers. He wrote his first action thriller screenplay in Chicago about his true-life experience as an international judo competitor.Below are some tips to make your action screenplay more interesting:

      · Learn to Construct Believable Scenarios.

When writing an action thriller screenplay in Chicago, crafting out a situation that would force them to strategize and take actions, ensure that youare realistic about it and not just make it easy for the characters to get the exact information they are looking for and considering one of the movies written by screenwriter Brian Herschkowitzfilm “Tour of Duty,” Going through it, you realize that even a soldier in the army would know that everything written in that script is quite realistic. 

  • Raising the Stakes for the Protagonist.

Writers have a hard time pinpointing what is at risk in their story. Whereas it is that risk that the audience cares about. Now, what is the best way to understand “raising the stake” for an action thriller screenplay in Chicago? The stakes in the story are things the protagonist and main character care about. These are things that, when threatened, the character will go to extraordinary lengths to protect.

“Raising the stakes” is when more cherished things are piled on top of the existing threat. For example, a wife is kidnapped; this motivates the husband to act. Then a child and the husband’s parent come under the gun. In this scenario, three family members are threatened instead of just one. In doing this, you need to know four things about your protagonist:

  • The character’s desires
  • The character’s goal
  • The character’s personal need.

    · Think outside the box by doing something unexpected for the audience.

Inspirations can be drawn from other reference movies you can get to structure a more interesting action script. Most writers tend to have trouble writing action thriller screenplay, as their writing will either be too detailed or they end up writing flabby paragraphs. However, screenwriter Brian Herschkowitz from Houston wrote his first screenplay in 1980,an action thriller about a guy who moves to Tokyo to train himself for the Olympics in judo and gets caught up in a situation with the yakuza.


Action sequences hold a good action movie, which helps in learning more about the character’s reactions to things going on with them.

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