Friday, January 27, 2023

Top trends shaping the Hospitality industry in 2022


For better or for worse, the covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the hospitality industry. It has undergone a sea change while trying to adjust to the idea of a ‘new normal. According to EHL insights, the economic downturn caused by this pandemic was worse than the 2008 recession. Never-ending lockdowns and restrictions have had a less than positive impact on business operations.

However, even as each wave ushers in losses, the hospitality industry works hard to find its feet and make business boom. They have come up with new and improved technologies and solutions to cull losses and adjust to new customer demands. Hotel management has also reclaimed its position as a course of choice among aspirants. Hotel management colleges in Bangalore have adapted beautifully to this changing era. Their innovative approach towards teaching makes them the best MBA in hotel management colleges in Bangalore. Annual Hotel management course fees in Bangalore can range anywhere between 96,000-4 lakh Indian rupees. However, this can truly prove to be a great investment due to great growth prospects in the new and improved hotel industry of a post-pandemic era.

Let’s now take a look at some trends that have shaped and will continue to shape the hospitality industry in 2022-


  • Bleisure trips or Workcations

Remote work has adopted newer connotations in 2022. Work-from-home (WFH) is no longer sad, depressing, or unacceptable and the idea of mixing business with pleasure has gained traction. Conglomerates are increasingly adopting the WFH model to save on real estate space and gain profits while maintaining a low investment margin. Increased awareness of mental health has also prompted companies to make remote work more interesting and engaging for employees. This has sparked off a major interest in the Business + Leisure model, more commonly known as ‘bleisure’. Employees are increasingly choosing to work from exotic locations to make work fun and maintain their mental balance. Companies are allowing workers to operate from venues of their choice, which mostly include fancy hotels in scenic locations. Hotels can continue to capitalize on this trend to rake in the moolah this year.


  • Staycations

Staying in has become trendier than going out, thanks to a massive spike in airfares, high cancellation rates, and increasing restrictions to keep a rapidly mutating virus in check. People are now choosing to celebrate small moments, victories, and weekends in or around the safe confines of their city. Leading hotel chains like JW Marriott are known to offer interesting staycation packages to families and individuals. Some top-notch hotels also allow guests to isolate themselves in the event of a lockdown, or getting accidentally infected with the virus


  • Health and Wellness Tourism

The idea of mental and physical wellness has gained special relevance in the pandemic era. There is more discourse around the subject of mental health and physical well-being, which is prompting people to put themselves first. This has sparked an increased interest in wellness tourism, which promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and a complete lifestyle overhaul. Health and wellness programs have helped hotels re-establish themselves last year and even this year. Holistic hospitality continues to become popular in this era.

  • Eco-Travel

Environmental consciousness has increased exponentially after the onset of this pandemic. People are becoming more proactive and looking for a complete lifestyle overhaul. More and more people are accepting the idea of conscious living, clean eating, and preservation of the earth’s resources. This has led to the massive rise of eco-tourism, another dominant trend the hotel industry continues to capitalize on, especially environmentally conscious hotels in picturesque locations.


  • Solo Travel

Since crowds and group trips are suddenly a big no-no, solo travel has become increasingly popular–especially among a conscious younger generation constantly looking for soul-searching opportunities. Another trend that’ll dominate the hospitality industry and leave a lasting impact.


  • Short cancellation windows

Hotels have adopted a short cancellation policy to avoid losses amid the pandemic. A shorter window helps hotels keep indecisive customers at bay. Short windows will also help the industry re-establish itself in such difficult times. Short cancellation windows and competitive pricing will continue to stay (at least from the looks of it).


  • Hyperlocal marketing

According to Hospitalitynet, the preference for local and drive-in destinations will continue to dominate in 2022. This is a huge opportunity for hotels to increase direct bookings and word-of-mouth marketing. Less investment and more profits, Way to go, right?


  • Capitalising on Virtual and Augmented Reality

Facebook’s latest rebranding exercise has proved that VR and AR are the future. Hotels are increasingly hopping on the trend of creating immersive realities, realities where users can experience the unmatched beauty, luxury, and comfort in store for them. According to the hospitality net, capitalizing on AR & VR resources can help hotels lure customers and drive business operations in a positive direction.



  • Personalization

Personalization, quite honestly, is an evergreen trend. Personalizing a guest’s hotel stay to make them feel better about themselves is a beautiful (and profitable) endeavor. Personalizing room equipment with initials, or stocking it with interesting goodies accounts for personalization. Customers feel better when their hotel room is customized to their taste. This also allows them to come back to an establishment thus helping establish a loyal customer base.

So what are you waiting for? Opt for the best MBA in hotel management colleges in Bangalore to craft a lucrative career in the field of hospitality management. Do not worry about the hotel management course fees in Bangaloremost universities offer scholarships and grants to talented students. Moreover, as mentioned before, it is an investment into your future. The hospitality industry will continue to tackle all odds by analyzing consumer behavior to create and maintain trends of profitability.


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