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Tplink M7200 MiFi router

Troubleshooting: Unstable WiFi Connection On Tplink M7200 MiFi Router


In today’s time, everyone has a mobile phone and everyone needs the internet to use this mobile. Because all the apps in a smart mobile phone work only with internet connectivity. So the user wants that the internet connectivity should be such that the user can use it any time. Meaning that wherever the user goes, internet connectivity should also be gone by him. Then, the user uses Tplink M7200 MiFi router that specially designs for the mobile phone. It is a small router that can keep in the pocket and can enjoy internet connectivity. Some users also call it a pocket Router because it easily inserts in the pocket. The network connectivity is fast, stable & powerful. The 4G SIM card insert in this router, on behalf of the network connectivity. 

The M7200 mobile WiFi router is fully compatible with 3G or 2G networks. Moreover, the download speed of this device is 150Mbps and the upload speed is 50 Mbps. A long-lasting battery is also installed in this device that works for up to 8 hours. If you really wish to manage the network of this router then you visit http // and then quickly manage the network in a hassle-free manner. 

Why Does Tplink M7200 MiFi Router Have an Unstable Signal?

The Tplink mobile router provides high-speed network connectivity then you seamlessly enjoy streaming videos, gaming consoles, and downloading. But sometimes the unstable signals provide this networking router. Then the user cannot stream the videos & music. If you want to know why this device is giving an unstable signal, then for this, this device has some cause. These causes are totally presented below.

  • Mobile device not within in mobile router range
  • Not install 4G SIM card
  • Configure the wrong wireless channel
  • Mobile router firmware version outdated
  • Not perform the setup

Troubleshooting steps to fix unstable WiFi Connection On Tplink M7200 MiFi Router

If you really face an unstable signal with a mobile wireless router then you should verify the issue. You can easily & manually fix the issue in a hassle-free manner. Then for this, the troubleshooting steps are as follows.

Place mobile device within Tplink M7200 MiFi Router range

If the Tp-link mobile router provides unstable or interrupted network signals then you should verify the range. If the mobile device is not within the router then you get an unstable network. Then to fix the issue, you need to verify the range. If the range is more between these two devices then you have to fix it. So for this, you can change the position of your mobile device. If your mobile is in the room of the router, then your mobile device should also be in the same room. If you go to the 3rd floor of the house and stream, then you can also take this router because this router runs on battery. So you can take this router anywhere and enjoy stable network connectivity to the fullest while maintaining the range.

How To Operate Tplink Deco Mesh WiFi System With Mobile Phone?

Install 4G SIM card

If you wish to get stable WiFi network connectivity with the m7200 mobile router then you should install a 4G SIM card. If you install a 3G or 2G sim card in your router then you will get an unstable network signal. Because the network signal of these SIM cards is not so strong and they are not able to give network signals to most of the devices. Then, to resolve the unstable network signal issue, you should install a 4G LTE SIM card in the SIM card slot of the m7200 router. But for this, you have to remove the cover of the router and also remove the battery. After that, you can install the SIM card.

Disconnect the extra mobile device

If you have multiple devices connected with your mobile router then you will get a stable network signal. For instance, if more than 15 mobile devices connect to your router. Then its network signal will be slow. If multiple devices are connected then you should disconnect them. You can easily disconnect the device by changing the network password. You can visit the mobile router wireless setting and select the password option. Now, you can easily change the network password and all the extra devices easily disconnect. 

Verify the firmware & it is outdated then update it

If the firmware of the M7200 mobile router outdated then the network signals slow. If the network signal becomes slow then your mobile phone will get an unstable network signal. To resolve the issue you verify the firmware. You can visit the advanced setting of this wireless router and select the firmware option. Under this option, you can verify the firmware version. If the version of the firmware outdated then you should instantly update it. You instantly download the new firmware file and update the firmware. 

Reset the mobile router

If the issue does not get fix even after disconnecting the extender device and updating the firmware version then you can reset it. The tp link m7200 reset process is not complex. It is very simple & fast. You can use the reset button of this router, the reset button is located on the rear panel. Press this button and simply perform the reset. 

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