Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Try to Be Fancy This Pandemic with Stylish Face Masks


Covering your face shouldn’t always make you mask your beauty. You can choose a great design and coloring and highlight certain features that help to make you look stylish. Even when you are enforcing safety protocols that have been put in place there is no reason why you should not look your best with your masks. The trick lies in selecting a mask color that complements your attire, and which allows you to play up other features for the entire world to see them.

Make hair care front and center

Now that most of your face is covered with a mask, you can make your hair the center of attention. It’s a mistake to let your face mask take all the fun while overshadowing the hair. You can keep your hair color bright and you can also cut your style to ensure that you draw attention up from the face mask that you are wearing. This also helps to highlight your eyes properly. A mask adds a  shadow to your face, and in case you have some bits of hair located near your eyes, you can color them to create a perfectly luminous look. And there has never been a better time for throwing your hair backward in a ponytail than now when wearing a facemask has become a routine.

The eyes have it

Anytime you are wearing masks, more attention will be thrown into your eyes and the emotions will be fully reflected through the eyes. When you are wearing a face mask, most of your face will remain covered for most of the day, and it’s time for you to concern yourself with the peepers. If you apply eye makeup the right way, this will go a long way to make sure that your look is brightened. Liquid eye tints will help because they are pretty easy to apply, they can be worn for a long time and don’t flake or move. Moreover, you can add a lift by using a little highlighter on the bone which is slightly above your cheekbone.

Use mask patterns and colors to your advantage

The main reason why you are wearing a mask is for protection. These days, safety protocols are being enforced, and most of the time, there are places where you cannot enter without wearing a facemask. If you pick the right color and pattern, you can change how you look completely. When you are considering the color of the face mask mast which may compliment your hair color and hair, you will need to think about that last time when you choose a gown for your corporate dinner. While white colors may show colors from the foundation, black colors are very harsh. However, Most people will find such colors as navy blues, greens, and soft cool pinks to be among the safe options.


Facemasks are not just for enforcing a safety protocol, but can also be used as a beauty accessory. This is a trend that is now getting more popular as people are finding it necessary to exercise their creativity and style their face masks in the most appropriate way.

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