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Types of CPAP Mask Used in CPAP Therapy


One of the essential supplies required in CPAP therapy is getting the right CPAP mask for your individual needs. That’s because if your mask isn’t comfortable, you’re more likely to skip the treatment. Not only does this put your health at risk, but it can cause your insurance to stop paying for your CPAP machine and its components.

To know which type of mask will be most comfortable for you, you need to consider how you breathe, how you sleep, and your required pressure setting. But first, you have to know about different types of masks.

There are many varieties of a mask; full-face CPAP masks, nasal pillow masks, and Nasal masks are primarily used in CPAP therapy.

Full Face CPAP Mask

This type of mask conceals your nose and mouth, giving you the option of breathing in either. Some people find the best-rated full-face CPAP masks comfier, as the large surface area spreads the air pressure.

Although full-face masks are heavier than other mask types, some latest designs are slimmer than older versions that provide a wider area of vision and need minimum headgear. Full face masks are suitable for side sleepers and those who breathe through the mouth, have nasal congestion and require high-pressure settings. ResMed AirFit F30, AirTouch F20, and AirFit F20 are some best-rated full-face CPAP masks that you can get easily at stores in Texas.

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

The cushions of a nasal pillow mask are very soft, silicone pads that fit inside the nostrils. They expand slightly to form a seal and push air directly into your nostrils. This allows for a smaller and lighter mask, which provides a tight seal and reduces the chance of air leaks. Using a nasal pillow CPAP mask for males who have facial hair would be the right choice. Nasal pillow mask users generally enjoy a high level of compliance due to a comfy fit and minimalistic structure.

Since the seal is on the nostrils, there is no concern about preventing facial hair from getting a good seal. This makes nasal pillows a prevalent choice for bearded CPAP users.

Patients can wear their eyeglasses while wearing this mask because there is no cover on the bridge of their nose. Nasal pillows provide minimal facial contact and are very light in weight.

CPAP Nasal Mask

CPAP nasal masks come in two different types. The first type fits snugly over your nose, covering the nose bridge to your upper lip. Some of these masks may consist of a forehead pad for stability.

For a slimmer profile and less contact with your face, the latest styles of nasal masks seal at the top or beneath the base of your nose and can work on a higher pressure setting.

ResMed AirFit N30i, AirFit N20, Mirage FX Nasal CPAP mask are the most popular CPAP nasal masks that provide the best airflow into your nasal area, flexibility and are much quieter than nasal pillow masks. It is best for those who like to watch TV or read books before sleeping at night.

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