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Custom Shutters For Windows Pacific Palisades
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Uncover the Reasons Why Window Shutters Are the Smart Investment


Multiple factors come into play when deciding on indoor window shutters for your home. Some of these factors include existing indoor décor, location of your home, size of the window, and, most important, material for the custom indoor window shutters in Malibu.

  • Wood shutters– There is something so warm about the wood shutters. And there are plenty of reasons why wood shutters are one of the highly recommended material options. For instance, wood shutters offer a natural appeal. They have been used for centuries and also offer a traditional appearance. Likewise, wood shutters installed in your home provide an authentic feel to your room. Similarly, wood shutters are time-tested material and last longer than any other materials used in your window shutters.
  • Faux wood shutters– Made from hard-wearing materials, faux wood shutters are extremely durable and stand the test of time. They are more stable when the window is open and less likely to break due to frequent use. They require very little maintenance and are considered easy to clean. They beautifully add value to your property by adding curb appeal to your property. They are scratch-proof and offer moisture resistance in high humidity. This is why it is highly recommended for the bathrooms.
  • Poly shutters– One of the biggest reasons why many homeowners switch to poly shutters is the cost. It is inexpensive, around 30% price saving than wood. Moisture resistance is another reason to choose poly shutters. If you reside at a place with heavy rainfall or an area prone to moisture, PVC window shutters would be better than wood shutters as they will never expand or warp because of moisture. Poly shutters are 70% more efficient than traditional wood shutters. They efficiently block harmful UV rays and keep the indoor temperature low in summers.
  • Hybrid shutters– These shutters feature real hardwood frames with solid poly panels that offer insulation and keep your energy bills lower, making your indoor atmosphere more comfortable to rest and sleep. With hybrid shutters in place, you will never find chipping, cracking, warping, and splitting issues.

The final take

Every shutter material has its unique properties. You have to determine what kind of shutters will suit your purpose. If feeling overwhelmed with so many material options, you could get assistance from your local window treatment professional, who are experts in custom window treatment services that may include custom window shades in Pacific Palisades.



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