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Unique yet Memorable Celebration of Life Service Ideas


Grief is a natural part of losing a loved one. Although it takes time, grief will slowly heal on its own with the help of closure. A memorial service is one way that loved ones could say goodbye to the one they love and get the closure that would help them heal and recover from grief. There is no right or wrong way to say goodbye.

In fact, you could choose other ways than a traditional memorial service. One of the modern ways of honouring a deceased loved one is through a celebration of life service. While a traditional memorial service usually has a religious feel into it, a celebration of life service is focused more on the joys the person brought to others. It doesn’t really need to feel religious but you could still add this element if you prefer.

If you’re looking for meaningful celebration of life service ideas, here are some of the best ones you might want to consider.

Lantern Release

Lantern releases are popular these days because of the magical feel it gives to the people who do it. It just feels relieving to release a lantern filled with your prayers and thoughts for the person and let it float away into the air. As the lanterns gently fly away and disappear into the sky, it gives a sense of closure and peace to the family and guests which helps ease the feeling of grief.


funeral director melbourne
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Although balloons offer the same effect, releasing a lot of them can cause some environmental issues that are why lanterns are a more preferred option. You could discuss it with your funeral director on how to incorporate this event into the funeral of your loved one. If you’re looking for a funeral director Melbourne is a good place to do your search.

Celebrate With Music

Music helps a lot in expressing the things that can’t be easily expressed with words and emotions. One way to make a celebration of life service more meaningful is by celebrating it with music. It doesn’t really matter whether your loved one is a musician or not to have this activity. Each guest will choose a song that is meaningful to their relationship with the departed. You could put this into a playlist and play the music during the service. Don’t forget to ask them why they choose that song.

Share Stories Together

Whether it is a small or big gathering, this is really a meaningful thing to celebrate the life of the departed. Each one should share to everyone a story or a memory they have with the departed. You could also have a photo slideshow, scrapbooks, photo albums, or just write down the story they want to share. This activity would truly evoke a range of emotions from the guests and family, helping a lot in closure and healing.

A celebration of life service all really matters on what you think the departed would appreciate when he or she is there watching.

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