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Upcoming events in Chicago

Upcoming events in Chicago to Experience the City’s Taste


The capital city of Illinois in the US, Chicago, is the city that celebrates American culture and heritage. The city has a vast number of food specialists that depict its diverse nature in food.  Some of them are Chicago-style thin crust deep dish pizza and other regional tastes of Chicago. It is the city that celebrates food all around the year.  It has even been awarded as the tastiest City by Maxim.  You can explore Mini restaurants by famous Chefs like Charlie Trotter, Rick Bayless, and Grant Achatz. There are a number of upcoming events in Chicago where you can experience the original taste of the city famous for food. Read the upcoming events you can attend on your next visit to Chicago.  

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago is an event hosted every year with a five-day full-fledged celebration.  It takes place in Grant Park in July. The festival brings forward a number of food stalls from the restaurants of Chicago.  It also features live music in Chicago that attracts more people to Chicago gourmet. There is no entry fee to enter this event in Chicago. It means that you can explore one of the largest food festivals for free. 

It is the right opportunity to relish the taste of different restaurants in Chicago.  

In 2019, approximately 80 restaurants participated in this event, including 17 food trucks and 24 pop-up stalls that served food to represent the different tastes of Chicago.  Even more, you get to check the local stores with live performances and more features.  Even though the entry fee is zero, you still need to buy coupons to enter the festivals’ venue.  

Those who want some refreshments can also try the bridges at 10 around the event that offer the best cocktails, beers, and wine to pair with Chicago gourmet. 

Windy City Smokeout

Windy City Smokeout

There is no better way to spend a weekend on a summer day in Chicago with country music. Live music paired up with barbeque craft beer and your favorite company will get you the best taste of Chicago. You need to book your date and travel tickets for Windy City so that you do not miss the grand festival that happens in July.  It is an outdoor festival that celebrates Chicago’s spirit every year at the United Centre. If you are a fan of live music in Chicago, this is the time where you will be able to sheer performances from country singers like Hannah Ellis, Taylor Edwards, Jimmy Allen, and more. 

You can also enjoy the hottest country performances paired up with the best delicacies. The festival introduces a line of countries’ most popular barbeque masters.  They roll out to meet hot lips brisket and many more mouth-watering classic styles from Chicago, Missouri, Kentucky, and Nashville. 

Illinois Craft Beer Week

llinois Craft Beer Week

It is one of the most awaited upcoming events in Chicago that celebrates craft beer and other breweries, so what the state of Illinois.  The festival is held between 10 to 17th May and features a variety of drinks specials in bars, restaurants, and breweries. It hosts a number of events where you can enjoy all the drink specials.  

Chicago Food Planet

Chicago Food Planet

The Chicago Food Planet is among the most popular food walking and restaurant tour organizers. You can get an expert-guided tour of Chicago and enjoy the regional air of the city. You will get to experience authentic Chicago cuisine and the best-known restaurants. The tour is held throughout the year, and it is a great experience for small groups like friends and family.  

Mark your dates, and do not miss out on these upcoming festivals in Chicago if you are a foodie. Chicago will treat you to the core of its heart. 

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