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Vacation Rental Apps That Will Help You Get More Bookings

Vacation Rental Apps That Will Help You Get More Bookings


If you’ve ever been on a subway or walked down a crowded city street, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of people are either on their phones or hunting for their phones. However, with roughly 4 billion smartphone users globally and a huge demand for mobile connections, this is unsurprising.

How can we capitalize on this increase in smartphone usage as vacation rental property owners? Apps!

Top Vacation Rental Apps That Every Owner Should Have

Whether you’re looking for OTA applications, cleaning services, or property management software, there will always be something available to assist you in running your vacation rental more effectively.

We’ve compiled a list of the best six vacation rental applications to assist you. Consider this!


The Vrbo app, which is available for free to all owners and managers, makes it exceedingly simple for vacation rental owners to manage their companies at all times. It enables you to amend your listings at any moment, update your calendar, respond to messages, and get booking inquiry alerts straight to your phone.

A standout feature of the Vrbo app is Vacation Boards, which enable users to save and arrange homes for their next trip. Travelers may collaborate with friends and family to “heart” and vote for their preferred locations and hotels. As a vacation rental owner, you should understand what features the app offers and how your visitors interact.


Airbnb’s app is well-known for its simplicity, enabling owners to access the same services as on the website. The inbox, stored replies, and resolution center are the app’s highlights.

Put an end to time-wasting skimming through your email! The Airbnb app enables you to archive previous messages and do keyword searches. If you’re getting weary of answering the same questions, the app also allows you to store replies for future use. You may also send visual greetings to your visitors in cases when words are insufficient.

Finally, if you have any issues or inquiries, you may contact Airbnb’s resolution center straight from the app.

Pulse, a partner app, enables owners to manage their properties more easily. Maintain constant awareness of any developments, reply swiftly to visitors, and update your room availability at any moment.

If you manage a multi-property company and are overwhelmed by the volume of alerts, you may choose the kind of information you get, such as new reservations or cancellations. Additionally, you may update images immediately from your mobile device, which saves time and helps you attract new visitors on the move.


Expedia launched its mobile app in 2015 in response to increased demand from passengers. Today, their Partner Central app enhances the website by assisting owners in providing the greatest possible visitor experience.

Boost productivity, reply to visitor feedback, communicate with guests, and manage inventories—upload and tag photos directly from your phone and highlight areas of interest in your neighborhood.

Additional Vacation Rental Applications and Tools

Connecting all of the calendars of multiple apps can be stressful and tedious with solutions that are difficult and it runs the risk of getting double bookings. That is why you should consider using a vacation rental channel manager that will seamlessly connect your calendars eliminating the chance of having double bookings. 

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