Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law

Dolan Law was founded in 1995. Dolan Law is the one of the best car accident attorney san francisco 

Dolan Law Firm have a team of committed and enthusiastic lawyers and people who are dedicated to providing top-quality and efficient legal services to the general public. 

Dolan Law Firm attorneys have years of expertise in personal injury and accident cases, as in other areas of law such as family law, criminal defense including employment law, civil rights litigation

What is Dolan law?

Dolan Law is a top rated trial law firm which handle personal injury, wrongful death, civil justice, employment law, and business litigation related cases.


Who is Christopher Dolan?

Christopher Dolan one of the top plaintiff’s lawyers in California and founder of the Dolan Law Firm 


Dolan Law Firm  Offices

Dolan Law Firm  Head office in San Francisco and other office avalible in Oakland, Los Angeles


Dolan Law Firm  Revenue

$1M to $5M (USD) 


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