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West Ashley Homes: 5 Reasons This Neighborhood Is Awesome For First-Time Buyers


Charleston, SC, is a phenomenal spot for first-time homebuyers. The city has a wide choice of moderate, excellent homes that are ideally suited for individuals, everything being equal. Youngsters love the moderateness and nearness to the midtown center, and families love the space and lawns that a significant number of these properties give.

One of the top spots for those hoping to purchase in the Charleston region interestingly is West Ashley. Arranged somewhat toward the northwest of downtown Charleston, homes for sale in West Ashley have various positive attributes for those hoping to purchase their first home. 

West Ashley Homes Are Affordable 

By most principles, West Ashley homes are quite moderate. $300k-$500k will get you a beautiful house with a considerable amount of land. You’ll commonly be seeing something like a 4-room, 2-shower home in that value range, and it would ordinarily sit on a 10,000 or thereabouts square foot parcel. Obviously, costs will differ contingent upon where, definitively, in West Ashley you find. 

In case you’re searching for something even more affordable, West Ashley has it. You can regularly discover apartments or townhouses that are in the $200k territory, and some of the time you can even discover more modest homes in that value range, as well. 

Contrasted to other significant metro regions, these homes are unquestionably reasonable. For sure, in case you are coming from metro regions in New York, California, or portions of Texas, these West Ashley costs will resemble a deal! 

Contingent upon your monetary circumstance, one of the benefits of West Ashley over other metro regions (and surprisingly downtown Charleston) is that you could possibly back the property with a 15-year credit. Picking a 15-year contract rather than a 30-year one can save you a lot of interest and will assist you with claiming the property a lot quicker! 

This Area Is Safe 

Like most urban communities its size, Charleston has some protected and not really safe regions. While Charleston is more secure than South Carolina all in all, it will in general drift close to the normal crime percentage across the whole US. 

West Ashley, however, is one of the more secure networks. A few spots are less alluring in West Ashley in any case, generally, any of the West Ashley homes you purchase will be in a moderately protected area.

Many individuals who live in this space have no issue being out around evening time, leaving their vehicle left in the city, or passing on their home to go to work and having certainty it’ll be fine when they get back. Indeed, even guardians of small kids will in general have a sense of security strolling around West Ashley. All things considered, it is a suburb with many school-matured youngsters in it! 

West Ashley’s Food and Shopping Are Fantastic 

The food and shopping in an area can have the effect between adoring it and despising it. Living in a space without loads of awesome food and shopping choices can frequently feel dull! Luckily, regardless of being an enormous, essentially local location, West Ashley has a lot of food choices that will charm even the most insightful of ranges! 

Those searching for Mexican tolls should look at Senor Tequila close to where Sam Rittenburg and Ashley River meet. This spot includes probably the best fajitas, quesadillas, and tacos in the area. Found close by is Paisano’s Pizza Grill, highlighting the absolute best pizzas nearby.

In case you’re searching for an exemplary American charge, look at the downplayed Metro Diner. At last, for those looking for Asian cooking, there’s Riso Noodle House which is another neighborhood top choice! 

Getting One of the West Ashley Homes Gives Access To Some of the Best Schools 

West Ashley is home to the main 10/10 positioned school in Charleston: Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary! West Ashley is additionally near other top of the line schools, including Orange Grove Charter, Harbor View Elementary, and Montessori Community School. 

In any case, the closeness to magnificent schools helps keep the worth of your property raised. In the event that your house is near the main 10/10 positioned school in the whole more noteworthy Charleston region, that is an enormous benefit for a family over different properties in the district.

This benefit will assist with keeping your property cost tough in case of a market slump. For a first-time frame purchaser, that disadvantage hazard alleviation is tremendous – you unquestionably don’t have any desire to make a major effort on your first home since that main makes it considerably more testing to redesign later! 

West Ashley Has a Wide Selection 

To wrap things up, West Ashley quite often has a generally wide choice of properties accessible. This rural area is the place where individuals grow out of their homes and need a novel, new thing, or the children all head out to school, and mother and father need something in an alternate region.

The fact is that there’s in every case some turnover here. This assertion is especially valid for the properties that first-time purchasers would probably need (more affordable and more modest). There are additionally a lot of various styles, so regardless you like, you can presumably think that it is in West Ashley! 

West Ashley Homes Are Perfect interestingly Buyer 

At last, there’s a ton to adore about West Ashley. The homes are reasonable, the region is protected, and there are incredible schools. Also, there are various incredible spots to eat, shop, and have some good times in this part of the more noteworthy Charleston region. These qualities make Wadmalaw island real estate truly outstanding, if not awesome, places in Charleston for a first-time frame purchaser! 

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