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What advantages can children have with the use of electric scooters?


The Electric Scooter UK is a sustainable mobility means of transport, which can be the perfect solution for adults and children.

The electric scooters for children represent the best solution to start taking autonomy and have the opportunity to get around the city safely and respecting the es

The electric scooter is a sustainable mobility means of transport, which can be the perfect solution for adults and children.

The for children represents the best solution to start taking autonomy and have the opportunity to get around the city safely and respecting the established rules, as regards their circulation.

Through the electric scooter, children discover sustainable mobility, their own autonomy, they begin to move freely around their city, know the names of the streets, discover new places, and feel the outdoors or the sea breeze. It is the perfect mix between sustainability, autonomy, and fun, since every time you ride an electric scooter

it is a great adventure on wheels, which can become a perfect way to travel with your friends to the park, the cafeteria, the golf course. soccer, the gym, etc.

Contrary to what may be thought, electric scooters for children are one of the safest types of transport, because they have systems and safety measures that have been checked by experts, they are very resistant, they have robust tires, and they are capable of supporting a large weight load. , have safe braking and acceleration systems and a large assortment of tools and accessories, to achieve a transport completely adapted to the particular needs of each user.

It is a vehicle that will be the ideal option for children to spend more time on the street and less in front of the screens, as they find a way to move, spend time outdoors, move around and learn the advantages of becoming more autonomous.

The electric scooters for children can be used in a convenient manner and adding elements such as a basket for carrying shopping bags, suitcases, bags, etc.

If your child has to get on public transport, don’t worry, because electric scooters can be easily folded and are very light. You will be able to fold it and place it where necessary without having space problems since it is prepared to be moldable and flexible for people who live in the city.

The options we can offer you
 we offer different types of electric scooters for children, such as the 300 W electric scooter for children (you can find it in four colors, it folds easily and has a carrying bag and flashing lights), the Town Evolution 350W Brushless electric scooter. (with cruising speed, anti-puncture wheel, double suspension and great autonomy and comfort), the Electric Scooter (Ultralight, with LCD screen and LED light, resistant tires and great comfort) or the Electric Scooter Volt 200 250W with seat (Very comfortable, easily foldable and can reach 20km / h).

we can offer you all kinds of solutions to enjoy electric mobility, like hoverboards from electric scooters for adults with saddles to accessories, spare parts, hoverboards or electric cars and motorcycles for children.
The great benefits of electric mobility
Electrical mobility is presented as a necessary alternative to taking on the challenge presented to us with climate change. An option that allows us to move without damaging the environment, or the health of animals and people.

Electric mobility also opens a new possibility to transport people who do not have enough money to buy a private vehicle but need to commute. As well as those people who do not have a driving license, since it makes them much more autonomous and independent, no matter how old they are.

Air quality is one of the clearest advantages, since Co2 emissions are not produced, which are so polluting and harmful to the planet. And the person who uses electric mobility enjoys a trip in the open air.

The versatility and flexibility in its use is another of the clear advantages when it comes to electric scooters since they can circulate around the city on interurban routes and are also accessible in urban transport, commercial premises or domestic homes they can fold easily and no need to search for parking.

As for electric vehicles, even being a larger investment, people can have a sustainable option that can be recharged with a battery, without the need to continuously invest money in gasoline. These vehicles not only improve the quality of the environment and air but also improve noise pollution since they emit practically no noise. They are vehicles with zero emissions and that generate fewer breakdowns.

What can we offer you?
From Segbo we advocate for electric mobility and we offer you different possibilities, so that you enjoy this new way of moving with the use of electric scooters with saddle and without a saddle, both for young people and for adults, accessories and spare parts for electric scooters, hoverboards, electric cars and scooters for children and mobility options for people with reduced mobility, such as the electric wheelchair, the electric quad scooter or the electric tricycle.

If you are thinking of switching to electric mobility with the purchase of an electric scooter and segway with us you can get the highest quality products, since we are a global operator of personal electric mobility vehicles, known for the high quality of its range of products. A young company that is committed to quality and sustainability in equal parts and is a benchmark in the sector, with more than five years of experience.

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