Thursday, February 2, 2023

What are the Different Causes Behind Masonry Damage?


Masonry is an imperative structure for any residential, commercial, or industrial building. The material used in the masonry is chosen wisely to add durability, strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and sound-proofing.

Despite all these capabilities, masonry structure is damaged because of multiple causes. In that case, a masonry brick repair service near your place is the best way to repair the masonry and get the improved appearance with the same integrity and strength. In this comprehensive guide, we have been discussing the different causes of masonry damage. Let’s get started!

    • Moisture penetration– Moisture is perhaps the biggest threat to the masonry structure. Since masonry is exposed to environmental elements, they tend to absorb water, which can have a big impact on the integrity and strength of the masonry wall. The water leaking into the wall can freeze and create pressure on the entire masonry structure. The water leaking into the wall can also negatively impact the adjacent assemblage like metal, doors, wood, windows, etc.
    • Staining– The exterior-facing masonry walls face staining issues. It can be a problem for the homeowners who are very conscious of the home’s curb appeal. Staining drastically affects the home curb appeal. Staining issue occurs when the masonry material comes into contact with different elements like water. Aging is another cause of masonry staining.
    • Failure of bond– Bricks, mortar, and stones should stay intact to ensure masonry integrity. But over time, the loss of mortar and adhesion between the bricks or stone can lead to masonry damage. It can lead to hollow patches, bulging, and peeling.
    • Spalling– Spalling occurs when the stone or bricks begin to fall from the masonry. It happens because of moisture penetration, thawing over time, and freezing. Spalling is not good for the overall structure. It results in stress to the masonry wall.
    • Displacement– Displacement is a structural issue that occurs due to inadequate anchors for lateral support, corrosion of steel, and freezing. Because of the displacement, the masonry materials begin to shift from their original position, ultimately leading to masonry damage.

Why choose masonry services for a masonry repair?

Masonry damage is a major problem that directly affects the overall integrity of the masonry structure. This issue must be addressed as soon as you notice any sign of masonry damage. Ignoring the masonry damage issue can lead to big repairs in the future, which can cost huge money. This way, you also compromise the integrity of the structure and the safety of the people living out there.

For this reason, it is extremely important to head to a Belgian Blocks Masonry services in NJ and get the masonry and landscaping repair work done.

Skills and expertise

Contrary to DIY repair, choosing professionals for masonry repair is the better approach. Professional intervention in your masonry projects gives an assurance they put of their expertise and skills to accomplish the project successfully.

Some masonry issues may seem minor, but they can be a big threat to the masonry foundation. In such cases, improper repair work can be a risky affair if it is not done by professionals. Their skills, expertise, and knowledge are enough to ensure a safe and proper repair.

Resale value

There is always possibility of further damage if the repair work is not done by professionals. This ultimately reduces the resale value of the property. If you choose masonry experts, they repair your structure perfectly, ensuring improved appearance for increased resale value.

Saves money and time

Hiring professionals save huge time and money than performing masonry repair DIY. For instance, if you decide to DIY repair, you would require proper training and tools, which can be a costly affair for you. On the other hand, professionals will directly come, start repair work, and finish it faster.

The final take

The masonry repair works can be complex ones if you decide to DIY. Instead, we suggest you stay on the safer side by leaving this complex work to the masonry professionals. In fact, masonry service providers offer you a range of other services under one roof. Hence, it would be a wise decision to hire the masonry services for masonry and landscaping repair.

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