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Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

What are the Ideal Ways to install The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router?


The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router provides a high-speed of 1200 Mbps with a safe networking environment. It supports many wifi devices at the same time and is perfect for the home network. With its high-speed wifi connection, you can seamlessly stream online videos. Also play games with your friends and get a better experience with the internet connection. It is so handy and mini in size and designed to meet the demands of the user’s requirements. The Wavlink router is widely compatible with enhanced technological features which offer secured WiFi connection. With its high-performance antennas, it delivers a strong and powerful network throughout your house.

The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router has patent touchlink technology that can be simply touched and connected with a voiceover command. If you are busy at a party or with your friends, just touch the Wavlink router and it is connected to the available devices at that time with the same strong speed. Also, you can share your files and documents with the USB ports of the Wavlink router.

Ideal Ways to install the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router offers long-range wifi coverage than any general router. Its high gain brass antennas can provide multiple access to many users at the same time which improves the wifi performance. It is perfect for boosting the WiFi signal range at your house. You can also work with universal repeaters, range extenders, and access points as well. For the proper installation of the router, you can also read the Wavlink Ac1200 manual in which you will go through every installation step in detail.

Before installation

Before installing the Wavlink router with your device, ensure that you should have all the latest features. Your computer and laptop should have installed all the latest drivers. Because, at the time of installation, it requires some specific port drivers. If you are a Windows 10 user, then you don’t need to install the drivers as it can automatically pick port drivers. Also, they have all the latest installations and drivers. If you are not a Windows 10 user then kindly install all the requirements on your PC or laptop manually.

During Installation

At the time of the installation, when you are installing the software in your system. You should know that the port driver is free, you don’t need to download it to your computer. After that, connect your USB to your laptop and computer until the LED light turns blue. Connect your computer to the video port to monitor all the activities and then begin the configuration step of the Wavlink router

Setup of the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router is a smart and intelligent WiFi router that provides reliability and stability in the internet connection of the router. It helps to enhance the speed and cover long distances. Also, it supports dual-band functions 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz simultaneously. Also provides consistent wifi speed, and easily performs the higher tasks. After the successful installation now performs the setup function to access the internet connection without any trouble.

Begin the setup of the Wavlink router

After the installation process, now start the setup operation of the router. In this process, you need to connect your router to the power supply by plunging into the wall outlet. After that connect your wireless router to the WAN port with the help of the ethernet cable that is provided by the ISP. Now switch on the router and establish a successful connection with your router and PC or laptop to the wifi network.

Setup Using the web interface(wirelessly) 

Now launch a web browser of any of your choices and type in the address bar. Also press the enter button. Now you will be accessed to the login page. In which the page asks about the credential details like username and password. If you are using the log-in page for the first time then your default password will be admin. Now the login page displays the list of the connection from which you have to select yours.

Wired connection

If you are setting up your router with the help of the wire. Then you need an ethernet cable to connect to your device. So here you have an option of using the LAN which contains the default IP address of the router. After that access the login page in which you have to enter your username and unique password. In the end, open the settings of your computer and select the bandwidth control option in which you can limit and upload the speed of the router with the help of its high-gain antennas.

Review of the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

The Wavlink router is a great router. It provides incredible speed and spreads the internet connection to all areas of your house that can find the blind spots and eliminate them. If you are a professional gamer then this router is the best option for you. As it is ideal for the home network if you are working from home during this pandemic scenario. Then you can get high range speed without getting buffered in every minute. Also, the installation and configuration process is so easy and manageable.

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