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What Are the Markers of Surrogacy in Georgia?

surrogacy in Georgia

For those who desire to become parents, surrogacy offers many options and the process is not always easy. The information that should help you decide which country and agency to choose can just confuse you more. So where do you start and what do you pay attention to?

Among the countries that received popularity as surrogacy destinations lately is Georgia. Your obvious question will be: “So what makes surrogacy in Georgia special?” To answer that question, we will have to delve deeper into some legal aspects and we hope this information will prove useful for intended parents.

Surrogacy in Georgia Key Aspects

Law in Georgia is very explicit when it comes to what is permitted and what is prohibited. For example, it only permits gestational surrogacy. For those who don’t know, it means that the surrogate mother – who has no genetic connection to the child she bears – has no right to claim the said child as hers. Thus, the law protects the rights of intended parents.

It is worth mentioning that some categories of IPs are not currently able to take advantage of surrogacy services in Georgia. Only married heterosexual couples can do that while gay couples and single parents will have to resort to other options in a different country where they can experience a wider degree of legal protection.

One potential upside is strict regulations imposed on future surrogate moms by the surrogacy law in Georgia. Surrogate candidates have to be of a certain age – between 21 and 41 – and pass necessary clinical examinations testifying they have perfect health to bear a child.

Surrogacy legislation in Georgia may be strict but it is designed to protect intended parents’ rights. A court order is issued before any procedure can begin. At the same time, an agreement between the IPs and the surrogate mom must be agreed upon prior to the start of the surrogacy process.

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To summarize, just like other countries, Georgia has its own views on surrogacy. You can discover them yourselves or you can alternatively employ the services of a tested surrogacy agency. If you’re having trouble understanding the complexities of Georgian law, please consider addressing an agency like World Center of Baby which will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge and make the most important decision.



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