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What are the most sought-after skills on a resume?


There are times when the job market seems saturated and arduous, but there’s always a way to get a foot in the door. Oftentimes, it can be as simple as adapting your resume to suit what employers are looking for. It’s not uncommon for staffing agencies to pre-screen applicants before they present them to prospective clients. These agencies often weed out candidates who don’t meet certain standards, such as those that have sought work at other staffing firms within the last twelve months or those with gaps in employment of more than six months.

What are the most sought-after skills on a resume writing service?

1. Communication

Communication is a highly sought-after skill, and it’s easy to see why. Businesses want employees who can express themselves in a clear and concise manner that can inspire confidence in others and get them involved in the organization’s goals. When looking for someone with communication skills, employers will want to see that you’re able to work well with others as well as express your point of view on any given subject matter with ease.

Build your resume around examples that demonstrate your ability to communicate with others. If you’re a writer, talk about your experience contributing to online publications or magazines. If you’re applying for a customer service position, include examples of times when you could talk with customers and resolve issues on the spot effectively.

2. Web Design and Development

Web development is a skill that’s in high demand, and it’s one that nearly everyone in the workforce will need at some point in their careers. Employees who have a proven history of creating successful websites will prove to be an asset for any company and will be highly sought after. When looking to hire a web developer, businesses want to make sure that they’re getting someone with knowledge of both front-end and back-end development.

If you’re a designer, you need to show that you’ve created websites and understand how they function on the inside. To become a valuable web developer, you should have coding, database design, and server management experience. Look for examples on your resume where you show off your web development skills.

3. Customer Support

Customer service isn’t only for those working in call centers. Individuals in virtually every industry will need to be able to communicate with customers on a regular basis and even serve as an outlet for customer complaints or concerns. Your resume should emphasize any experiences that you’ve had working with the public.

If you have a background in customer service, highlight it on your resume. If you’re applying for a customer service position, show that you can relate to customers and that you understand the importance of effective communication.

4. Writing (in any profession)

Whether it’s composing an article for your company newsletter or simply writing a professional letter, you need to demonstrate that you are a competent writer. You need to make sure that you’re able to present yourself clearly and concisely and offer valuable advice and insight on any given subject.

Employers will want to see that you can effectively communicate your ideas in writing at any job interview. If you’re applying for a technical position, you’ll want to demonstrate that you know how to write along with your coding skills. To become a highly sought-after writer, show that you have a strong knowledge base in your industry as well as experience in the field.

5. Accounting

Accounting is often a topic that people skip over on their resume, but it’s one that can make or break your chances of even being considered by employers. Consider that every person who applies for a job will need to have at least a basic understanding of accounting. If you’re applying to work in financial analysis, make sure you’ve highlighted your experience in accounting. Employers want to make sure that they’re hiring someone who can effectively manage their cash flow, know how to analyze the numbers, and keep things on track.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to have a degree in accounting to get hired. What employers are looking for is someone with a solid background in the field. If you’re looking for a job, be sure that you’ve built up a solid resume of work experience that includes at least one or two years of direct work experience within the realm of accounting.

6. Foreign Languages

Having a background in foreign languages has long been considered an asset to anyone looking to get ahead in the workforce. With the influx of international business transactions and dealings, speaking foreign languages is becoming more and more of a requirement for employers. If you’re applying to a position that requires you to interact with customers from other countries, having impeccable foreign language skills will make you an invaluable asset.

To be considered valuable to your employer, you need to have a strong knowledge base in your native language as well as another. Web development, writing, and customer service are three other communication skills that employers will want to see on your resume.

7. Marketing

Marketing is often thought of as the backbone of any successful business. It’s the marketer who takes in all of their sales statistics, data, and analytics and then decides how to best market a product or service. Having in-depth knowledge of marketing will make you a valuable asset to any company. If you’re applying for a position that requires you to work in direct advertising or sales, be sure that you include examples on your resume demonstrating this experience.

8. Computer Skills

The days of the knowledge worker are long gone. Every job that exists today requires some level of computer experience. It’s simply not possible for human beings to do everything with brute strength alone. If you’re applying for a job that’s based around a computer or digital device, it’s important to make sure that your resume reflects this fact.

Depending on what kind of job you’re looking for, it’s also important to demonstrate your knowledge and skill in different technology areas.

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