Friday, February 3, 2023
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What are the tips to draw customers to your trade show booth?


It’s quite amazing to understand that trade show design companies are shocked to actually know that no one is visiting their booth, yet they do nothing to promote and attract passers. In the age of visual stimulation and social media, we as event marketers must plan to attract new visitors. Increased chances of meetings, engagements, and connections at the event place help in bridging the gap in the long – term.

Checklist to consider for drawing the visitors to the trade show booth:

  1. Knowing the budget:
  2. What makes the company stand out?
  3. Find out about the product promotion.
  4. Researching about the competition.
  • Putting yourself out:
  • Share invitation to the prospective clients.
  • Web presence is a must for trade show booth new orleans  promotion.
  • Look for brand sponsorships.
  • Sponsorships should be brand relevant and considerate.
  • Goodies/gifts draw the attention:
  • Have some giveaways and goodies for offering attendees.
  • Try to have them in line with the promotional messages.
  • Gifts need to be aligned as per the relevance of audience.
  • Gift need to be aligned with the event promotional features.
  • Dress up:
  • Staff dressing as well as grooming needs to be fixed as per the brand guidelines.
  • Graphical representation must be in appropriate condition with clear and brand relevant messaging.
  • All the backlighting and technology in the booth must highlight the appropriate brand messaging.
  • Add a little bling – but keep it to a minimum:
  • Consider the addition of the LED strips as per the brand requirements for highlighting the key message or the product.
  • Flowers as well as plants not only attract the attendees who are present in the trade shows but offer a pleasing aura in the environment.
  • Details which are brand relevant as per the well-lit art pieces, or attractive food items can bring the difference in the whole process.

With persistent graphical stimulation and social media features, we must plan beforehand what all is intended to attract the latest customer prospects to the custom exhibits in las vegas. It’s vital to focus on the steps for amplifying the chances of meeting, engagement, and connection with the latest prospects across the upcoming events.

Feel free to share any tricks which can be used for drawing the visitor’s towards your trade show event. We would love to hear from you at any point in time!

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