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What color do brides wear in Pakistan?


Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your lifetime, so of course, you’re likely to pull out all the stops to celebrate such a special occasion. The biggest feature for a bride is often their wedding dress, as it can ensure that they are the center of attention while feeling confident and beautiful, and each country and culture has its own specific traditions that can dictate which wedding dress is worn.

Pakistani brides are well known for their dedication to putting on a glorious show on their wedding day, and they commit to many different traditions in terms of style, too. One big feature that stands out during Pakistani weddings is the color of the bride’s dress, and there are many reasons behind the choice of color that make it such a popular option. Read on to find out more.

What color are Pakistani wedding dresses?

Pakistani wedding dresses are generally deep red in color, as this symbolizes passion and love. All newlyweds will experience intense new feelings on their wedding day and shortly after since their individual situations will change so drastically, and the color red provides reassurance that their relationship will flourish into something filled with love and passion!

Red has long been a color that’s associated with love and passion, as it can represent the pumping blood that beats around your body when romance strikes. Red is an eye-catching and powerful color that demands attention, excluding lust and desire that every bride wants their new husband to witness.

Red may also represent passion in different forms, as it can symbolise the fire of marital squabbles that nearly every new relationship experiences. These fiery confrontations often lead to passionate reconciliations, again embodied by a strong red color.

It’s common in the modern-day to find several variations of the color red in Pakistani wedding dresses, as you can often find purples, pinks, and oranges, too. However, the most traditional color that most Pakistani brides choose to wear to honor their culture is red

Most Pakistani wedding dresses also feature considerable gold accents and accessories that glisten and glow, as no outfit would be complete without a little bit of bling! You can expect to find added details in the form of gold embroidery and jewelry, hair accessories, and more, as when it comes to wedding dresses, you can never have too much shimmer.

Gold is a color that compliments red tones very well, so these two tones mix perfectly to make any Pakistani bride look and feel as beautiful as ever. Gold and red are both strong colors that are rich and intense, so they’re ideal for such a special occasion.

It’s interesting to learn about the different cultural traditions surrounding weddings, especially concerning bridal style and dress details. Wearing the most appropriate dress to honor your heritage can provide you with a sense of pride, and you’ll be able to wear your wedding dress with ultimate confidence excluding endless amounts of love and passion.

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