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Business Branding Consulting

What is a Business Branding Consulting


Business Branding Consulting is the management and development of a brand for a business or a product. If the product is a person, then we talk about Personal Branding.

The Branding Consultant is the expert in brand management, in getting a brand to differentiate itself. A similar one and thus can be considered by potential customers as an alternative in their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, the first benefit of Business Branding Consulting is that they are able to create and develop a brand. With a different positioning than the competition. And that is essential for the success of your business. As I have told you, as a Business Branding Consulting in Madrid. I improve the perception that clients have of the businesses I work for.

Choosing one position or another depends on a series of elements. That influences the perception of our brand by potential customers. The positioning is decided after a Strategic Analysis in which the business itself, the environment, and the competition are taken into account.

The Branding Consultant is an expert in developing strategies for positioning, which will determine the characteristics of the Brand. Communication, and Marketing. If you want to learn how to make a Branding Strategy, you can buy the book. ” Hypertext Branding: the reference manual to create your own brand.”

What can a Business Branding Consulting do if you already have a brand?

You may have a brand and surely you have a positioning. But is it the right one to connect with your potential customer? That is the question you must answer. A Business Branding Consulting will analyze your brand and your positioning and will determine:

1. If they are enough to differentiate you from your competition,

2. If they are adequate to make your client fall in love.

I know it sounds pretentious about “making your customer fall in love”. But a brand that doesn’t make its customers fall in love is a dispensable brand. According to the “Meaningful Brands 2015” study, each year the disconnect between consumers and brands increases. In Spain, this disconnection reaches 92% of consumers who would not mind if the brands disappeared. They are not relevant and this affects the way consumers buy and the way brands sell. You can see more data in this article.

What happens when a customer does not see a difference between the brands? Something disturbing, that does not recognize the value of the brand and your product. Does do not differ from other similar ones. So the only reason to choose one or the other is price or availability. The brand is what makes your customer differentiate your product from a similar one.

How does a consumer decide which brand to choose?

The consumer goes to the supermarket shelf and sees a lot of similar yogurts. Each with its packaging, each with its price, and each with its advertising claims.

All that information enters through the senses in his head and is mixed with his experiences. When he consumed a similar product, with the opinions of his friends, with what he heard in that television commercial. And he composes in his head an ideal image of the product that you are going to buy. (I am not saying ideal in the sense that it is the best, I mean that it is an idea. Something conceptual and that it is only in your head).

That ideal image is unique because it is made up of what. You perceived and what you had in your head. That is what is known as a “brand”. A Business Branding Consulting works to develop that brand in the minds of consumers.

He works to first design a brand that differs from the competition in its aesthetics and the values ​​it transmits. Always thinking about what that potential customer is going to value. What is going to help them choose our product and not another.

And once the brand is designed, it works on the projection of the values ​​of the positioning through Marketing and Corporate Communication in order to generate the Reputation that the brand needs to be valued by the potential client.

Brand and Reputation, fundamental for the generation of Trust and Engagement

Brand and Reputation are a binomial of success. The Brand is the product and the Reputation is its consequence. The Branding Consultant works every day to generate the Reputation of the brand. Branding is not a job with a beginning and an end. While there is a brand, there is Branding, you have to manage the brand.

Reputation is decisive to sell but it is tremendously fragile. An image crisis can ruin years of work managing the brand. That is why it is so important to understand that Business Branding Consulting develops and monitors the Brand to avoid problems and solve those that arise.

But why is it necessary to have a good reputation?

Because customers buy with Confidence. The ideal image of the brand and the confidence that it will be able to satisfy their needs, that it will bring a little happiness to their lives, has been generated in their mind, even during the fleeting moment when we eat a yogurt.

The Brand and its Reputation generate that Trust that guarantees business success. But it’s not enough. Many brands are capable of generating the appropriate Positioning and Confidence necessary to sell their products. There is only one type of brand that consistently succeeds: they are the brands that their customers fall in love with.

And how can you make your clients fall in love?

The engagement or emotional bonding of the brand with its client is produced by an alignment of the client’s interests with the brand through the product. Only brands that know why they make their products, that know what their customers need to be happier, are capable of making their buyers fall in love.

Business Branding Consulting is the professional capable of determining which of the factors that drive a company to be in the market are sufficiently decisive for the positioning of the brand. A positioning based on “why we make products” and “why customers buy” will be reflected in a brand capable of convincing and making customers fall in love because it is a brand that can be trusted, not will disappoint and that will be consistent with the core business of the company.

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