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What Is Best For Fabric Sofa Cleaning?

fabric sofa cleaning

Sofa is one of the most used furniture in homes. Since it is made of fabric, it has to be kept clean always. Cleaning sofa using soap water will not give your sofa a new look. Soap water stains the fabric and makes cleaning worse next time.

So what can you do? You can use home remedies for cleaning sofa or you can go for professional fabric sofa cleaning services sunshine coast . If you are thinking about doing it yourself then read on…

What Is Best For Fabric Sofa Cleaning?

1. With baking soda paste: Take some baking soda and add some water to make a paste out of it then apply on the dirty parts evenly, wait for 10 minutes then wipe with wet cloth or sponge dipped in tepid water.

2. With liquid dish soap: Make a mixture of liquid dish soap with water same as the grease on your sofa, apply it to clean stains then wipe clean water or wet cloth.

3. With lemon juice and baking soda paste: Take some lemon juice in a bowl add some baking soda make a paste, apply this to the dirty parts of sofa wait for 10 minutes you can see the dirt is coming out on its own, wipe it with wet sponge or cloth don’t rub hard otherwise you will end up creating more new stains that what you already have.

4. Mineral spirit: To eliminate tough stains that are not eliminated by any other method, use mineral spirits for cleaning tough spots on your sofa . It is equally effective as any other method for sofa cleaning.

5. Vacuum cleaner: Use vacuum cleaner to clean the small particles and dust stuck between the gaps and crevices, it can be done even without removing cushions. It is a fast and easy way of cleaning your sofas .

6. Steam Cleaner: This is one of the most effective methods for deep cleaning your sofa at home or at office, steam cleaners use hot water vapours with high temperature to remove all kinds of dirt from sofa . It leaves fresh smell. Just make sure you ask professional before using this machine because it has hazardous chemicals in its tank that could damage fabric if not used properly.

7. Dry Cleaning Method: If your sofa has solid core then you can use this method, it is effective but costly.

8. Spot Cleaning Method: You can remove stains using rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid also you can use some household detergent to remove the tough stains from your sofa .

All these methods are great ways of cleaning your fabric sofa at home, however there are chances of making things worse if you don’t do it properly. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines while doing any of these methods on your furniture. Buy only tested and reliable cleaners without hazardous chemicals that could spoil the fabric material. These methods will give you a better result than machine washing sofas , at least they have tried these before suggesting you which one does not harm sofa material . If in doubt, go for professional sofa steam cleaning service, it’s not worth your sofa .

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