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What is meditation, types and benefits of doing it
What is meditation, types and benefits of doing it
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What is meditation, types and benefits of doing it


Meditation works to give power to our mind and thoughts and meditation gives the power to work in a positive way, which is directly related to happiness, as well as reduces the stress of your mind and makes your mind more calm and peaceful. remains happy. Meditation is a method of meditation in which you have to focus on a single object. Meditation is done to get happiness from the mind. In this article you will learn about what meditation is, types of meditation and benefits of meditation.

There are many types of meditation, but the purpose of doing all types of meditation is to gradually achieve satisfaction, concentration and happiness. Meditation not only makes you happy mentally but also makes you physically healthy and beautiful. In this article, you will learn about meditation and its types as well as some other things related to meditation. Along with this, we will also tell you about the benefits of meditation. Let us know about what meditation is, types of meditation and its benefits.

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1. What is Meditation?
Meditation is a process in which the focus is on a particular object. Often during this process the focus is on the focal point of the brain with the eyes closed. This is a bit difficult to do at first, so meditation is practiced for a short time at first. During this, the mind becomes empty of thought, which is why meditation is extremely beneficial for mental health.

2. Types of Meditation?
We tell you about the main types of meditation.

Types of Meditation Goodwill Meditation –
The advantage of this meditation is that it makes thinking positive, it creates a feeling of more satisfaction in your mind for life. More than that it develops the mind to be more human and more intelligent.

Types of Meditation Sahaja Yoga Meditation –
Sahaja Yoga meditation is done to create self-awareness. By doing this meditation, there is a wonderful feeling of cold air flowing throughout the body. After doing this the horoscope gets awakened and the person feels connected to himself.

Types of Meditation Trataka Meditation –
Meditation While doing this process of meditation, the focus is on the focus point of a source of light such as a candle or lamp. It affects the visual sense out of the five senses of man. This process increases the ability to concentrate and concentrate

Types of Meditation Third Eye Meditation –
The third eye of a person is the center of their energy and between the two brows of the person there is a pineal gland, which when activated, gives a feeling of excessive energy. The main purpose of doing this meditation is to infuse enough energy in the body by awakening the third eye.

3. What are the things to keep in mind during meditation?

Don’t let thoughts come to your mind-
Emptiness of thoughts is the main condition of meditation. One should not think of anything while doing meditation. Although it is a bit difficult to do this, but with strong will power, you can stop the flow of thoughts in the mind.

Choose a quiet place while meditating
You need peace while meditating in a good way, in such a situation, you should choose a quiet place, if you want, you can also choose a place where there is only natural noise.

Choose the right time while meditating –
Well, you can do meditation anytime. Mostly meditation is done in the morning or at dusk.

While doing meditation, sit in the right position –
It is also necessary to sit in the correct posture while doing meditation every time. To do meditation, relax and sit in a comfortable posture.

While meditating, do meditation on an empty stomach.
Wherever you meditate at home or office, always do meditation before lunch time. Meditating after a meal can often lead to thoughts of eating that are distracting.

A little warm-up before meditation
Before doing meditation, do a little warm-up. In this, you should do stretching for a while and running for a while.

Take deep breaths while meditating
To get the most benefit, deep breathing and exhalation should be done during the process of meditation, this relaxes both the body and the mind.

Keep a smile on your face while meditating-
Always laughing and a smile on your face can make your meditation experience better and reduce your stress.

After doing meditation, open your eyes slowly, comfortably –
When your meditation is over, slowly and slowly open your eyes and look at the things around you.

4. Benefits of doing meditation –
Meditation reduces stress
Concentration increases with regular meditation
Meditation gives you a healthy living system
Daily meditation gives relief from anxiety.
Meditation eases chronic pain
Meditation makes you sleep well.