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What Is The Decent Home Inverter Price That You Should Pay In India?


An inverter is an age-old device that is used to convert direct current electricity into alternating current either to supply power to an electricity grid or for a stand-alone system. Since its basic role is to convert DC energy into AC, this is demanded in most of the households in India as the appliances run on AC power. An inverter is a blessing if you live in an area where there are frequent or long power cuts.

There are basically three kinds of inverters-

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverters– They are much cheaper and are capable of running a selected number of appliances in a household like lights and small power tools.
  • Square Wave Inverters– These are less expensive and are used to support motors alone. They can very well support household appliances like computers, refrigerators, etc. they are less safe as compared to square wave inverters.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters– They are recommended to supply power to high energy-consuming electronic gadgets and equipment. They are expensive as compared to other inverters but are more powerful as well as efficient.

The home inverter price for each type of inverter differs because of its sizes and functionality. If you live in a city that attracts too many power cuts, then not buying an inverter is not sensible. Inverter not only keeps your appliances running but they also increase the life of your appliances by saving them from frequent power fluctuations. You can see that the market is full of different brands that offer inverters and their batteries. You can use these inverters for both home and office. A 300 W solar panel with solar inverter is also fruitful for home and offices.

Double Battery Inverters

If you want to cut down on the home inverter cost, you can also go for double battery inverters. You can connect the two batteries in series. Such double battery inverters’ costs will be reduced when connected together as compared to the single battery inverter price. Another point to consider here is that the life of the inverter and its battery will be higher if you buy from reputed brands.

Average Price Bracket for Home Inverters

On average inverters cost something around Rs 5000 and might range up to Rs 20,000 depending upon the size, voltage requirements, VA rating of the inverter, power requirement, and the brand that you go for. Most inverters are durable, easy to install and offer excellent value for money.


Before you plan to buy an inverter for your home you should do elaborate research about which inverter is the best and which brand is offering the best inverter at what price. You can pick up from the selection of the best inverters using filters to reach the most desired one on the basis of home inverter price, type, brand, and input voltage. Using the price comparison feature, you can easily compare and evaluate which inverter is the best. Apart from the price factor, you should also keep the usage of the inverter in mind so that you can understand the power voltage that you need to fulfill your needs and requirements.

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