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What is the difference between register marriage and court marriage?

What is the Difference between Register Marriage and Court Marriage?


Marriage as an institution is follow all around the world and throughout all cultures. The most surprising thing about this is that it exists as long as humans can remember their history. As the human race, we have no recollection of the time when marriages didn’t exist and we lived alone. Marriage is the ultimate meaning of companionship, which is the most important aspect of human life. Marriages are something that didn’t dissolve by changing cultures and times or changes in religion or the evolution of the human race. With every religion comes different traditions and values that are use in marriages, different values concerned to unite couples for life. Now, with the coming in of government and authorities, a new touch of tradition and the process of marriage has come into existence. This primarily includes court marriage and how two people are united in the eyes of laws. The biggest confusion that people have and unfortunately have no knowledge about is between court marriage and registered marriage. In this article, we come up with all the necessary information about the marriages done in court and the register marriages. 

What are court marriages? And the details that users should know about it

As the name suggests, court marriages are the uniting of two people in the eyes of the court. So, before the government, the couple gets marriage. Court marriage in Delhi is done in the same manner and there is a full proof procedure that you need to follow to get through a court marriage. Without wasting much time, let’s get into the procedure following which you can get marriage easily in court. 

  • The first step is, file a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ which you can find in the specified form. This is execute in the Marriage Registrar of the district you live in, done by two couples. This has to be register within 30 days to complete the court marriage. 
  • The second step is, the registrar of the marriages has to notify everyone. 
  • The third step is that you have to come into the court after the 30 days are over. However, if any party does not want to marry anymore at all or in court, they have the right to. 
  • Perhaps, then the court marriage will be complete and the two couples will be unite by the rules and laws of the court. 
  • The last step is that both parties who want to get marriage have to come along with three witnesses. They have to be there on the day of marriage and in this process, if you are a resident of the National capital then Delhi lawyers play a tremendous role. 

Let’s discuss the registered marriages and the details you must know

Now that you know every brief detail about court marriages, we should tell you all about register marriages. There is a slight difference between court and register marriage in India. Register marriages can be done through the Hindu marriage act and religion plays a small part in it. After the register marriage you receive a marriage certificate which signifies that you are marriage. 

The process under the Hindu marriage act is quite simple. First of all, you want your require papers verify and this is execute on the require date. The date that is appoint to you and the party that is present for the marriage, in presence of the Gazette Officer who will attend your marriage. All these people need to be present in front of the SDM for marriage registration. The certificate for your marriage is issue on the same day and you will be register as marriage soon.

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