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Linksys E3200 WiFi Router

What makes the Linksys E3200 WiFi Router different from other routers?


The Linksys E3200 WiFi Router offers wireless N technology that allows the users to access the internet connection. With the help of its four Gigabit Ethernet ports, it allows you to connect to the USB storage device. Also, add the external storage space to access the USB files. It has dual-band technology from which you can add the frequency band 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz as per your requirement. Also, the router supports and and provides up to six types of internet connection such as Automatic Configuration -Static IP, PPTP, PPPoE, Cable DHCP, L2TP, and Telstra.

The Linksys E3200 WiFi Router is a perfect choice for the home network or small businesses. Also, you can connect to the printer to share the files and scanned documents with your PC with the use of the Linksys router. It provides you the streaming option for your entertainment purposes and provides a lag-free wifi environment. With the use of MU-MIMO technology, multiple devices can be connected to the router at the same time with the same high speed.

Characteristics of the Linksys E3200 WiFi Router 

There are so many characteristics of the Linksys WiFi Router that makes it different from the other routers. It is ideal for home entertainment and provides powerful performances to enjoy the home theaters. You can easily stream online videos, can play your favorite music playlist, and enable the multiplayer gaming option. Also, it has the best option of transfer. You can seamlessly transfer large files or documents to anyone. It provides storage to the printer and other important devices. It provides high-speed performance of up to 300+ Mbps speed and enhances the speed 10 times faster with its Gigabit ports.

Wireless N technology

The Linksys router is compiled with 802.11n technology and helps to create a powerful wifi home network within a few minutes. Simply connect to your computers and Internet-ready devices for the fastest WiFi experience. With its high-speed technology, you can seamlessly enjoy the network all-around your house. 

Enhanced Security

It helps to provide advanced security to your internet connection. As it is encrypted by a WPA2 connection that helps to provide security to the files and documents. Even it protects the internet from threats and from hacking the device. Just download or install the firewall in your system to keep your device updated and protected as well.

Easy to use and manage

The Linksys router is easy to manage and installation is also very easy. With MU-MIMO technology, you can add multiple devices simultaneously with the same energetic speed. It can provide multiple access without any kind of buffering or lagging in the internet connection. You can enjoy a seamless wifi connection with your families and friends. You can use the myrouter local setup for the appropriate login and seamless connection.

Best for Home network

The Linksys wifi router is best for the home network. It is specially designed for home entertainment purposes. Also helps to create an active wifi environment so that everybody can enjoy and get uninterrupted connection to their connected devices. It can easily reach every corner of your house by eliminating the dead spots that create lagging and buffering in the internet connection.

Linksys E3200 WiFi Router 10x High-speed

It can increase its speed 10 times faster with the help of the Gigabit Ethernet ports and high range four antennas. The wifi connection can cover all the rooms, halls, backside areas easily. Wherever you are in your house just press the WPS button of your router and you are ready to access the internet freely.

Parental control and separate guest network

You can enable parental control and guest mode for the safety of your documents and files. You can simply limit the access time and some sites with the help of parental control. Also, you can create a separate password network for your guests.

How to fix the Linksys E3200 WiFi Router home network?

If the Linksys wireless router is not able to connect wirelessly

In that case, you should perform the default factory reset operation of your router or uninstall or reinstall the settings of the router. First of all, you have to connect the software of the router to the PC and then reinstall the settings of the router. You can perform the reset operation of the router in three simple and easy ways. Simply follow or read the manual instructions to get through the reset of your router.

If the Linksys wireless router stops working

In that case, power cycle your device. Because this is a very common issue or problem that every user faces at once while or after the configuration of your router. To perform the power cycle, power off the button of your router from the main electric outlet, and after waiting for a few seconds then replug it back to the power cord. If it still shows that it doesn’t work then try to update the firmware of your router. Maybe it has an outdated version of the router.

In case you can’t access your login account

For the Linksys E3200 WiFi Router Login. Put the correct password with id. If it doesn’t work or your device won’t accept the password then you perform the default reset operation for your router. Try to access your login account on another computer device. Resetting is very easy. Press or hold the reset button of the router for 15 to 20 seconds with the help of a paper pin and your fingers. Now release the button until it starts blinking the LED light. This process will take some time and you complete this.

The Linksys router’s LED lights do not blink

When your wireless router’s LED light does not blink then it means the WiFi device does not connect to your router wirelessly. It occurs when the modem and router are not connected to the internet properly. It blinks the LED light when the router has to send or receive the data. In that case, try to use the reset function or contact your internet service provider.

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