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GM Airbag Class Action Lawsuit

What You Need To Know About The Lawsuit Against General Motors


New technology is definitely changing the way that people do things in this modern age, but unfortunately, not everyone is trying to avoid being in the spotlight for bringing new changes to the world. Take General Motors, for example. This company has been sued in a class-action lawsuit by as many as 5 million customers due to their failure to produce a reliable airbag.

What the GM Airbag Class Action Lawsuit Is

Some people may be wondering what is going on with the GM Airbag Class Action Lawsuit. Here is a quick overview of what is happening.

In early 2018, a group of plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against General Motors claiming that the company’s airbags are defectively designed and cause injury. The plaintiffs are asking for damages totalling billions of dollars.

The plaintiffs in this particular lawsuit are claiming that General Motors should have known about the risks posed by its airbags and should have done more to fix them. In addition, the plaintiffs allege that GM failed to provide proper warning labels about the dangers of using its airbags.

General Motors has denied all of the allegations made in this lawsuit and is fighting to protect its reputation and bottom line.

Why These GM Class Action Lawsuits Were So Successful

In these GM class action lawsuits, the case brought about an estimated $300 million for around 200 million people. Their lawsuits brought up the issue and stated that GM knew about the faulty ignition switches, which would switch off the engine while driving before they were revealed in 2014 and the company didn’t do anything to fix it. All of their cases were similar in how they were handled after filing them and how their settlements benefited them. The settlements were smaller than what they expected because they say 52% of class members got nothing out of their settlement.

How GM Has Responded to All of These Lawsuits

Since the start of the ongoing GM defect lawsuit saga, the automaker has come up with various responses to appease plaintiffs and investors. GM has made a big push to get its defective ignition switch issues taken care of and customers have been promised new or repaired vehicles. The company has also been trying to earn back trust by suspending CEO Dan Akerson’s pay while he awaits an investigation into his handling of the defect. And finally, GM is also investing in self-driving cars as a possible solution to its legal issues.

General Motors: A First Look

In February, federal judge Jesse Furman ordered plaintiffs’ lawyers for two Muslim couples to show cause why their proposed class action lawsuit against General Motors should not be certified as a class action. The plaintiffs’ attorneys had submitted the paperwork in early December and Judge Furman approved the move in late January. While he denied some motions from GM and plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking donations from aggrieved customers or seeking to preclude or delay discovery relating to Bridgestone tires, Furman allowed sufficient protections for consumers and said that “events since [the filing] make clear there is potential for significant nationwide harm from continued delay.”


What You Need To Know About 

If you own a GM car or have ever owned one, you might be indirectly affected by a class action lawsuit against the company. Plaintiffs argue that General Motors knowingly and intentionally released harmful toxins into the air and water supplies in order to increase their profits.

The lawsuit is ongoing and there’s no telling how much damage GM has done to public health. If you’re concerned about your health and the environment, stay informed about the latest developments in this case.


The article discusses the GM lawsuit. The lawsuit is filed by lawyers in Michigan who claim that General Motors didn’t disclose the safety risk of their defective ignition switches. The lawyers hope to receive around $5 billion from General Motors. General Motors has denied the allegations and is defending the case.


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