Monday, October 3, 2022

What’s Driving India’s Massive Cryptocurrency Growth?

What’s Driving India’s Massive Cryptocurrency Growth?

India is already running along with the world with the momentum in cryptocurrency growth. The unregulated digital assets have found a beautiful direction in the growing market of India. Prediction for bitcoin had breathtaking growth over the last two years and the pandemic has been one of the causes for such a rise in Bitcoin sales. The high volatility of Bitcoin along with the potential to earn high amounts of return in a market that is almost always in a state of turbulence. The shift in the paradigm of investment has also been observed in this case. The younger population has been aiming towards the better and more radical form of investments at the moment.


Why is the Indian population attracted to the crypto world?

  • The Indian community started to lose their faith in the traditional assets from the pandemic hours of 2020.
  • The economic crisis which developed during the pandemic was assisted by the volatility of prices and severe deterioration of the traditional currencies.
  • More people have started to enter into the world of Bitcoin and other such crypto-tokens after crypto valuations have started to increase through 2020.
  • BTC and ETH have been the most popular coins in the crypto world in the Indian market.
  • $923 million has been growing since April 2020.
  • Out of 154 nations around the world, India has been 11th in number. Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing through the reports presented by most organizations.
  • Gold investments have been considered as one of the major hedges in the time of economic downturn. The younger Indians have thought of different measures which might help them to overcome the falling economic conditions as of now.
  • As for actual gold, it has become way easier for them to invest in the world of digital gold, or rather as we call it, Bitcoin.
  • It has been observed that Indians who are between the age group of 34 or less are not interested in the world of gold.
  • The younger population is more interested in the technological aspects and hence, they think that investing in crypto will be more beneficial than investing in gold.


Will there be more Indians in the race?

  • Many more Indians have been entering into the race of cryptocurrency as of now because the prices are rising all over the world.
  • The war-like situation which has been evolving in Russia and Ukraine at the moment is also causing some severe rise in the prices of certain crypto tokens.
  • The value of Bitcoin had crossed about $50,000 after three months.
  • China has started a regulatory crackdown on virtual coins and this has caused other nations to showcase their active interest in the field.
  • Experts might be sought out and the founders can be heard to say that the young generation will always be fans of the crypto world.
  • Rapid investment in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Virtual coin trading is increasing in India because of the rapidly growing technological advancement in every other sector.
  • Trading volumes and values of investment have been related to the domestic exchanges as well.
  • Retail participants have been related to the 1.3 billion people who have got into this world of crypto as well.
  • The recent surge in the crypto world has been considered as a rekindling interest in the world of investment.
  • Many analysts have stated that the rise of the virtual coin in the market is related to the middle-class audiences of the nation as well.
  • Global cryptocurrency adoption has shown a rise quite recently.



Cryptocurrency is gaining a severe acceptance in the market without any try of its own. The exchanges have increased quite a lot over the last few years in India. The cryptocurrency exchange is already trying to get the ecosystem in one single place. As more people have started to get interested in the world of cryptocurrency, there will be greater advancements in this field. If you are interested in getting into profitable measures of crypto investment, you have to think of the right strategies. Make sure that you are on the right pace and the right tokens are in your wallet. This will help you to gain the major profit quotients in the very end. Along with this, you have to keep an eye on the privacy issues that might plague your existence. This will keep you and your investments very safe at the end of the day.




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