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When is it time to replace my rug?

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If you have an old rug that has lost its shine, you must choose between replacing it and cleaning it. A carpet can lose its original attractiveness and suffer from damage, giving you a reason to be replaced. If there is an accumulation of dust, grime, or hair, this is a sign that it is deteriorating and may not be safe to have within your home. The decision to replace the old one is now more than just an aesthetic one; it is also a good option for the environment. Let’s look at some of the most common problems that carpets face as they age and how to replace them.

  1. Wear Spots

A rug’s durability can deteriorate over time due to heavy traffic. Although the fibers can tolerate pressure and movement, they will eventually degrade.

Here are a few helpful hints for extending the life of your rug:

  • Vacuum it regularly.
  • Limit your time in direct sunlight.
  • Frays and stray fringes should be repaired.
  • When transporting large furniture, use caution.

These will ensure your rug looks great for many years to come. Cleaning may help restore the pile in the short term when deep wear and tear occurs.

  1. Tough Stains

Stains are stubborn problems on all rugs. It can be challenging to remove them without doing damage to the materials. The key to eliminating spots is to clean them thoroughly as soon as possible before the discoloration is permanent. We provide the best Green carpet cleaning services in DeKalb CountyGet in touch with us for expert assistance.

  1. Strong Odors

The scents of old rugs are one of the most repulsive aspects. Unfortunately, they are not resilient to the odors left behind by years of spills and cleanups. If your rug emits strong odors, try cleaning it to see if the issue improves. However, after several years, the best plan is to replace it for health and livability.

  1. Water Damages

Rugs exposed to years of dampness or floods might cause significant health issues. Mold and mildew grow in the appropriate circumstances, and disposal is likely required depending on the amount of the fungal growth. Moisture does severe damage to a rug.

It is also essential to have a professional cleaning at least once per year. This will ensure that all excess dirt and debris are removed and technicians have the proper tools to work on problem areas. If scouting professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Snellville, Georgia, contact us.


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