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Where to Get Professional Concrete Floor Services Including Installation and Repair


Have you thought about contacting professional concrete floor services Orlando, FL? Maybe you are simply searching for concrete floor installation and repair services Orlando, FL because you are interested in commercial/industrial polished concrete. Concrete floors are gorgeous and give your business a stylish modern flair. There are good things and a few bad things about concrete floors we can share with you today. Let’s go over what there is to know about concrete flooring.

Good Things About Concrete Floors

There are a ton of great things to know about concrete floors. They are a money-saving option. They are better for the planet than traditional flooring. They aren’t hard to take care of. They lower energy costs. They are not susceptible to allergens and bacteria. They are animal friendly. There are tons of design choices. You can change the style of a room simply by switching an area rug. You won’t have to replace it like with carpet.

A Couple Cons With Concrete Floors

You might notice concrete floors are cold in the wintertime, however, you can have heating put in during the installation or use area rugs. If you were to drop a glass on a concrete floor, it would probably break. They can be painful to stand on but that can be solved with a rug.

Concrete Floors Are Cost-Effective

A concrete floor can be as cheap as $2.00 a square foot for a concrete slab. It can go up to as high as $30 for very ornate concrete flooring resembling marble or having intricate designs. You can recreate tile, stone, or brick with concrete and you wouldn’t be able to tell. There is truly a design for any budget with concrete flooring.

Concrete Floors Are Good For the Earth

Concrete floors help the environment. They are a green option for the everyday owner which you might not realize at first, but it makes sense. They are recyclable so there is less waste after the job. They save on energy bills. This is because they absorb cold and hot air. They have no VOCs to speak of. They don’t use precious natural resources as wood does. They are poured locally and use less energy to create. Concrete floors are green.


Concrete Floors Are Easy to Take Care of

It’s super simple to care for concrete flooring. You can vacuum it or sweep it. Then you would just use a mop and bucket full of soapy water. You need to get them waxed or resealed every three to nine months or so. They will last a very long time with little care and foot traffic doesn’t equal the need to replace them.

Deciding if Concrete Floors Are Right For You

So right now, you might be considering calling professional concrete floor services Orlando, FL? Or even concrete floor installation and repair services Orlando, FL. You already know you are interested in commercial/industrial polished concrete. There are many pros to having concrete floors in your small business. They are the cost-saving option. They are better for the Earth. They are super simple to care for. They are pet-friendly. They can handle a lot of traffic within the business. You can clean them easily. They are a better choice for those who have health issues due to allergens. They don’t have to be replaced as carpet does.

Hiring a Contractor

Are you interested in looking for concrete floor installation and repair services Orlando, FL? You shouldn’t attemp to DIY concrete flooring you should hire a professional to do the job. You won’t have to worry about purchasing equipment and materials. The waste from the job will be taken care of. You’ll save money and time by getting the installation done properly the first time. It’s in your best interest to hire a contractor.

What are the style options available?

There are an endless amount of possibilities with concrete flooring. You can choose from stamped or epoxy. You can get acid or water-based stains. Concrete can be painted. You might want to go with something bold like red or blue, or stick to grey and neutral Earth tones. Whatever you are able to spend there is a style that will fit your budget. You can even change the look of your room simply by swapping out small or large area rugs.

Should I just DIY Concrete Floors?

Doing a DIY job for concrete floors is a recipe for disaster. You can have issues with cracking from moisture. This can cause mold with can cause illness. If you hire a professional contractor you won’t have to worry about these issues.


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