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CBSE schools in Hadapsar
CBSE schools in Hadapsar

Which Board Should You Choose ICSE or CBSE Schools in Hadapsar?


While enrolling a child in any reputed school, parents confuse about which board to choose. The prime question is which board would serve the best for a child’s secured future. You must know that deciding and choosing the right board can make all the difference. So, which one should you opt for CBSE schools in Hadapsar or ICSE? Let’s help you out

The major differences among the CBSE and ICSE boards that distinguish them from each other. 


It’s commonly believed that the CBSE board focuses more on theoretical aspects of learning, whereas ICSE focuses on practical buildup. The compulsory subjects in CBSE are English, Science, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, and Vocational subjects. In ICSE the core subjects are English, Geography, History, Civics, and an elective Second language.

Preparing for competitive examination

While facing competitive exams the core difference lies in the syllabus the student has studied so far. ICSE has a compromised hold on the competitive exams when compared with a student studying in the CBSE schools in Hadapsar. CBSE is much more competitive-oriented, and its syllabus makes an entrance exam easier to crack, even though the ICSE syllabus is much tougher. In ICSE, students get to understand the core of the subject through its detailed structure.

Admission procedure

The admission process is similar, but you can get a difference in the age limit for admission. For CBSE schools in Hadapsar, it is set by the regional government, whereas ICSE boards have their own pre-set age limit. To get admission to a CBSE school either one needs to pass a basic test or needs a no-objection certificate from the previous school. But, in ICSE affiliation there is a standard test, and in case of switching schools, approval from the council through the principal.


CBSE boards are almost in every city of India, so relocating becomes much easier. Also, the CBSE certificate preferred across India. So, if you are a parent whose profession involves a lot of relocations, then the CBSE board would be best for your child as it prevents disruption of their studies. ICSE schools are quite less in number when compared to CBSE schools in Hadapsar.


International schools in Pune, with a CBSE curriculum, offer a lot of scholarships to choose from that help meritorious students to continue their education. Most of the ICSE schools do not offer any scholarship and thus, continuing education through such a board becomes quite expensive

Grading system

In CBSE schools in Hadapsar, there is an alphabetic grading system, which is found to be a strict marking method. Whereas, ICSE evaluations are done in the form of scores.


CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education believes in promoting equal education through public as well as private schools. These are monitor by the Union Government of India. It includes Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and private schools. Here, a child gets through all-around development involving personality, social-cultural growth and intellect.

ICSE or the Council for the Indian School Certification Examination is a private board in India, whose main principle is to replace the Cambridge School Certificate Examination with an all-India examination. ICSE schools mainly focus on the English language and students can gain an opportunity to have a good command of this language. Their goal is to provide quality education to every child whether through CBSE schools in Hadapsar or otherwise.


Now, based on the future education planning or what is your child’s skill and core area of interest, the most suitable board to decide. We must also remind you that when it comes to acceptability a certificate from the ICSE board is best for foreign schools but every University accepts the CBSE board.

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